1977 -1985




1980? L-R Mick, Peter, Astrid & Steven

Known members:
Peter Williams (guitar,vocals) 1977?-85
Simon Bonney (vocals) 1977-78
Don McLennan (drums) 1977-78
Mick Smith (bass) 1977-82
Steven Williams (drums) 1978-79
Michael Wood (vocals) 1979-?
Astrid Spielman (vocals, keys,percussion) 1979-1985
Ian Bowie (drums) 1981
John Vender (keys,bass) 1981-1982
Mel ? (drums) 1981?
Phillip Egan (drums) 1981
Alex Hamilton (bass, trumpet) 1982-83
Stephen O'Neil (bass) 1982-85
Michael 'Blue' Dalton (harmonica + slide guitar) 1984
Nicole Menzies (trumpet) 23rd Sept 1984-
Simon Miles (keys) 23rd Sept 1984- 1st Oct 1984
Anna Schinella (bass) 1984-5
Panos Kouros (bass) ????
Rock Shipton (vocals) ????



Why this website? ~ before I was in the band I was a fan and continue to be ~ initially I put the page together for my old comrades and anyone else interested ~ this website is now dedicated to the memory of Astrid Spielman Artist/Musician/Inspiration who we so sadly lost on the 9th of March 2015

Page last updated: Thursday, May 21, 2020 ~ in time; I hope to have more history, interviews and images up here. If you just happened across this page please let me know if anything won't work on your browser + if you were there &/or would like to help fill the gaps... please send any stories, comments, corrections, photos, articles, reviews, anecdotes - please email: sirhairs(at)cannanes(dot)com



As of May 2020 Melbourne based Record Label Chapter are working on a Particles compilation to be released at some time in the not too distant future - Please contact Chapter or sirhairs if you have any Audio or Art/Photos you would like to contribute to the project

On Sunday 17th January 2016 at 2:30am The ABC Television Network of Australia broadcast a short documentary which included interviews and some footage of the band rehearsing at home in 1984 the show was called Class of '84 Special - Working in The Rock'n'Roll Business: A Report by Pam Swain Narrated by Stuart Cranney - Produced by Pam Swain for the ABC - thanks to the people who have gotten in touch to let me know of the broadcast - I'll do my best to get back to youse in time [post mid-life crisis!] in the meantime if anyone interested didn't hear about it - seems someone has put it up on YouTube- here is a link -

Also I've put a few stills from the show below

You can find another Particles page run by Steven Williams who used to drum for and manage the band at it contains a brief history with some very fine MP3s



The Particles ~ perfect POP band ~ Sydney/Australia 1977 - 1985

This image published in Juke in 1984 though the photo must have been taken before 1983 (L-R Mick, Astrid, Steven, Peter)


Astrid & Peter

PhotoPhoto taken from the stage at Circular Quay West ~ outdoor show ~ possibly the 'Pine Gap Benefit' November 1983?
Photo Publicity shot - possibly 1982 ~ looks like it was taken on the fire stairs at Alpha House [Newtown/Sydney] [L-R Alex, Peter, Astrid, Hairy (w/ hat)]
Photo The Australian Broadcasting Commission came to film The Particles rehearsing at home in Hugo Street ~ the show was called Class of '84 Special - Working In The Rock'n'Roll Business
Photo Astrid, Madeline, mystery man in a blue hat + Peter - probably Circular Quay day
Title credits ~ click the picture above to watch on YouTube
They even filmed our bathroom/storage area!






Colour In 7" ep (self release April 1980 - as Certain Music PRS-2768)(repressed from the original plates in 1983 by Guthugga Pipeline Records)[Produced by Martin Bishop at Basilisk (Studio) Sydney]



Advanced Colouring 7" ep (self release 1981)(repressed from the original plates in 1983 by Guthugga Pipeline Records)[Produced by John Vender at 2SUX FM (Sydney University)]



I Luv Trumpet 7" ep (recorded 1983?)(released by Waterfront Records April 1984)







'(Bits Of) wood' ['Live'] on JJJ Live At The Wireless 1 12" LP (recorded I think on the 4th of July 1983)(released by Triple J 1983)




'(Bits Of) Wood' on 4 Chairs - No Waiting cassette [ Fast Forward Magazine: Issue number 003 ] (recorded: ????)(released by Fast Forward March 1981)

cassette sleeve ~ fast forward no.3



'Family life' on On The Waterfront 4 track 7" ep (recorded: 1980?) (released 25th June 1983 by Waterfront Records)



'I know a place' on Distant Violins number 12 cassette - a live recording thought to be from 9th Feb 1984 show at The Red Parrot in Perth (released by Distant Violins 1984)

cassette sleeve ~ distant violins no.12



'Apricot's dream' on Can't Stop It! Australian Post-Punk 1978-82 CD (recorded around 1979)(released by Chapter Music 2001)

cd sleeve ~ can't stop it




'The Trumpet Song' on Tales From The Australian Underground Vol. 2: 1977 - 1990 CD (recorded 1983?)(released by Feel Presents July 2006)

cd sleeve ~ tales from the australian underground



(MORE MAYBE ONE DAY ~ many thanks to those wonderful Scratches folk for getting this one published)

record sales chart ~ nme 5th nov 1983



(Thanks to Vanessa Berry for sending in this article from Arena - [Macquarie Uni Student Paper] 1980 0r '81 - you can view a larger version over at The Particles Articles)

Interview gif image


(A GIGOGRAPHY + SET LIST CAN NOW BE FOUND HERE) [ The Particles were a fantastic live band - would be lovely to have some live footage up here - if anyone has some they would like to contribute? ] - Not sure who put it up but there is some amazing silent 8mm film from the early 1980s on YouTube here

Looks like Alpha House Newtown ~ possibly late 1982?
Alpha House? ~ possibly late 1982?
Alpha House? ~ possibly late 1982? - Greg Appel doing the lights
Could be at The Southern Cross Hotel? aka Strawberry Hills Hotel ~ possibly 1983?

Maybe Perth? maybe 1984?







Last Show? at The Sydney Opera House - 1985

photo - The Particles
The last shows that I recall took place at The Sydney Opera House in 1985 - a short series of sessions for large groups of school kids explaining how a pop band operates from the instruments to microphones and basics of a public address system, a brief introduction to songwriting, we played some songs then invited the kids up on stage to have a go at it themselves

Was a lot of fun - and a very exhilarating and memorable experience - and didn't the kids love it! - hey kids - please send any memories if you are reading - and I'll happily add in here

Anna gives some individual tuition - Sydney Opera House 1985

CONTACTS + LINKS - a website showcasing some of Astrids art - another Australian based site run by Steven Williams (drummer/manager) which contains a brief history of The Particles and other bands as well as some great rare MP3s

The Lighthouse Keepers - a closely related group 1983-1985

The Cannanes - a fairly closely related group 1983-NOW

Guthugga Pipeline - a vaguely related group 1978-1984





Dr David Nichols - for being part of the history and for providing information to help expand the history
John Vender - for helping expand the history

Vanessa Berry - for helping expand the history


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Much of The Particles history is by now no doubt lost, forgotten or currently out of reach - though if you have any morsel to add please let me know - cheers (Particles web janitor): sirhairs(at)cannanes(dot)com

PS. Sorry I haven't credited all photographers: please let me know if you recognize anyones shots