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oh the glory - I have been given a page to myself! I shall use it to document the Latest happenings in Cannanes world.

This page covers the period 16th August 2002 till 16th June 2006 when Fran decided MySpace was the go ~ see Vanity 2007-12 page for that period or 2013-Now page which should contain new bloggs any moment now!


Friday 16 June 2006

Received the new CD Grassy Flat from Dark Beloved Cloud! They look rather delightful with their little magpie insignia and sound pretty good too. We picked them up in the afternoon, then picked up Ms Penny and then practised and played rather a fun show at the Golden Vine. Dirtbird lived up to their advertising and were hauntingly beautiful at times and we had fun had a nice mixer and were complimented by a number of people who had had rather a lot to drink but hey ! who are we to say their judgement was impaired. Perhaps it was enhanced. The bar staff at the Golden Vine are very pleasant to deal with and Penny and I had lots of $2 whiskies. Mary Ann got home in the taxi in time to stop her house from burning down. All Very satisfactory. Came home to some Korean So Chu as is the tradition.

Today and tomorrow are trumpet recording days as we have to catch Penny before she swans off overseas to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. You can buy tickets to see her now! It is called Police Emergency show

Sunday, June 11, 2006

We are aspiring to do a split CD single with the glorious Goblins with a scratch and sniff cover- working title Scratch my flower.....


If I were a boat I'd commit my life to rivers and seas

I have been listening to some translations of Chinese poetry from the Ming dynasty or possibly prior to this. It sounds moronic to say it ( i suppose because it is so obvious) but it is very beautiful.
One of the lines was" I'm too frail even for wine" which definitely captures how I felt yesterday but now hey all is well.....About 10 minutes walk away from my house is a national park and I go there sometimes to walk among the wattles and to see the kangaroos. Pretty good. Yesterday on the way back from the party for Jane's book publication ( we stopped at Organ Pipes National park which is just off the Calder Highway and quite impressive and watched a wallaby gnawing on a tree. It is difficult to decide about living in the country versus living where all your friends are. I cannot decide and spend too much time thinking about it.
Jane's book looks very good . I just read a diatribe by Clive James on the demise of the English language. Does all his poetry rhyme?


Friday, June 09, 2006

Poor Xanana
Isn't it enough to have your country in chaos but to have Alexander Downer hugging you ................all too much.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

That's the Way God Planned It

Did God really plan for Billy Preston to spend some of his precious last remaining hours recording with Jet? Seems unlikely. Farewell Billy - We loved your stuff

Bananas now cost about $5 each in Australia. It is all anyone can talk about. No wonder Penny McBride is off to Scotland but not before her appearance here in next weekend to play the first show we have done with just the three of us. A bit nervewracking

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Shane Warne The Musical

I have never been much of a one for musicals but I shall be attending this one. Sounds very good though I dont think it is actually written yet- but the concept is excellent. It's a stunningly sunny winters day and I am going to do some recording of recorders........


Sunday, May 28, 2006

pink stainless tail and new estate
fabulous night out in the worlds most liveable city seeing above bands Very Good. And only slightly marred by having to read Danielle Spencers appalling lyrics about her relationship with Russell Crowe in the Sunday paper on the train home. Apparently she has them all up on her myspace but I am not going to check.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Provincial Life (2)
Drinking cheap red and dancing round to Richard Buckner . Not so bad. And Its Tuesday- Very UnBendigo
(thanks to the gorgeous Shane and Olivia)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Grassy Flat- Dark Beloved Cloud label-Seattle
All indications are that the Grassy Flat 3inch CD being put out by Dark Beloved Cloud label is winging its way across the Pacific from the USA as we speak! or perhaps it's sailing across.Either way Good on You Douglas Wolk DBC supremo!♥

Monday, May 22, 2006

living in the country is so weird. Yesterday afternoon after a couple of glasses of champagne I was sitting in my neighbours house on  a fancy chair eating fine chocolates  and  watching my doctor do a bit of spanish dancing parading down a Persian carpet attired in wafty silk painted with images of  the Australian outback- Mallee country to be precise.

I did lots of recording but not sure if it is up to scratch as there is a problem with Gain or something annoying.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Been thinking about KLF burning a million pounds.I cant remember knowing much about it at the time which is strange as it must have been really big news. Rereading the Manual is fabulous-all seems quite true.........

I am about to go to my neighbours house for a fashion parade.ahhh dear....if there is one thing that is not interesting it is fashion. The one saving grace of this event is that I don't think it will be fashionable.

Mystery of the Week:
Why would the Canadian Parliament give John Howard a standing ovation? Perhaps they thought he was someone else.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Subtly every aeroplane is different........
Unsubtly they are all the same -  bloody scary - Anyway I have been travelling around the place like a mad person. In the last 48 hours I have been on a plane Canberra to Mel, spent 14 hours on various trains  and 2 coaches. Crazy.

So now we shall make Ms Penny  "trumpet " McBride come to us for the accoustic show on Friday 16th June with Dirtbird  whom I hear are hauntingly beautiful. The Cannanes, I fear, have rarely been hauntingly beautiful - actually one or two times when we played Guilty maybe and also "Screaming" used to be a bit HB but it's rare - I think we shall work on it-Our next CD will aim for this perhaps.

AS well as learning Japanese I am to take up the violin -The results of both these activities are unlikely to fit the HB category.

This weekend I am recording vocals and more vocals.Wish me luck

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Grant MacLennan is dead. It is shocking and very weird to think we won't see the Go Betweens again.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Those poor miners in Tasmania - Stuck underground for over a week and now we hear they are listening to Foo Fighters songs. What can they be thinking?

Keith Richards has either

a) fallen out of a coconut tree he was climbing with Ronny or
b) been injured in a jet ski accident

and has either
a) a serious head injury which will require drilling into his skull
b) minor migraines for which he should rest up.

We wish him good luck

Monday, April 24, 2006

So long ago now but my distant memories of Bendigo show after a week and a lot of Sho Chu and the special Okinawan lime juice later on in the night are not perfect. I think I gave our playing on the night 4 out of 10 but a lot of people did turn up so that was great and who could not enjoy meeting the Cheese Excursion folk and Steve Saxton. The highlight of the evening was the Cheese's first piece and a couple of our songs were OK.
Members of the audience were most gracious and cheered me up no end after it was over.

ROCK Reading highight of the week was Paul Weller's comments on winners of British lifetime award winners in magazine Uncut .Very nice and rude. Oh and Annabels news that Mick Jagger will be appearing in a sitcom. And news about him popping into Sydney nightclub Ruby Rabbit. He's a funny old stick.

Is myspace on the decline already? I wonder. This weekend off to see Deep Country and Muddy Spurs and Flywheel in that great Southern city of Melbourne. Had a quick listen to B and S as J gave us a copy.hmmm....not bad but a couple of bad ones - but who are we to criticise. James has done some lovely guitar on new album for the Cannanes which will be a treat to listen to.

Looks like it won't be out till October or so when Penny gets back from Edinburgh Festival.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Band Interrupted

Excellent fun Saturday night despite the Cannanes only getting through two and a half songs of their 5 before being cut off mostly because we were what is known in the business as "too good' oh yeah and it was 12 Oclock and the authorities running the venue were in fear of the police returning and carrying out their civic duty to make sure everyone who wants to can go to sleep at 9pm on saturday nights. I note that Jack Ross AUSTRALIA'S only veteran of World War I celebrated his 107th birthday in Bendigo on 11 March. His sister said on the radio that he never smoked or drank but liked staying up too late. "Only old people go to bed at 8.30" he said. I think he must have been referring to the inhabitants of North Melbourne,

Anyway Francesca Bussey sang a lovely version of Tennyson and all FJG 's mistakes due to being slightly tipsy were forgotten in the general melee. Sad about not doing Dont Fear the Reaper (now available on very limited CD release from Shane Moritz) and denied the glory of Gus the Singer performing but no doubt his time will come.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Very late night coming up

summer is on the wane and it is about to start getting colder- the Cannanes are playing 20 minutes at a venue in North Melbourne on Saturday night. As some members are too far away to participate it will be an amalgam of Cannanes new and old with we hope some former members treading the boards.

It's Shane Moritz and Mia Schoen's 33 and a third party. As these 2 individuals are the fun loving centre of Melbourne society it should be a hoot. We have, I am perhaps surprised to say - recorded a version of Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper with pump organ, tenor recorder and vocals for their birthday CD. Even more surprising some bits are quite enjoyable-or at least I enjoy them anyway- Who am I ? Well I am the voice of the Cannanes. To quote anthem-if you're stupid or wierd you'll know what we mean.

Of course when that was written (and who exactly did write those words? Hmm not sure) I dont think that anyone thought for a second that anyone who liked the Cannanes could be stupid.. and happy ending....that is still the case today! What should we do with the 100th friend on myspace! Feature them in the blog I guess - remind me if we ever get there......

Thursday, March 02, 2006

David Nichols

If you have missed him don't worry- read all about his life at


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World wide offers to tour
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Category: Travel and Places

In the last 3 weeks we have received offers to play in Perth, Mexico,USA, Germany. Hmmm.........time to get organised...............


Monday, February 27, 2006

Where is everybody?

I have now been up for 36 hours.Things are getting a bit blurry.This time Qantas gave us a plane with only 2 engines and then made us watch Pride and Prejudice again. Not good.Only saved by the whisky. It is nice and warm in Australia but the place looks like a ghost town after Shinjuku. Shintaro Kiyonari is a very wonderful man.


Sunday, February 26, 2006

beautiful Kamakura

Today we went with Kenji and Chisa to see some of the amazing sights at Kamakura. Temples and shrines. Shrines are from the Shinto  religion which seems a lot more sensible than others I have encountered though I do not purport to know much about it  and temples from Buddhist. Anyway it was all extraordinary and too hard to describe but you should go there. And we had a very yummy curry lunch and a train trip back along the sea where we saw japanese surfers braving the winter seas.


Friday, February 24, 2006

Medal drought

I am just starting to begin feeling normal again-Quite a wild ride as usual but recovery is in sight. Details to follow. Last night went to a huge Radio station-national one at Shibuya to watch Mools and Deerhoof do a live to air.

Mools were ultra entertaining. They just get better and better. Stephen refuses to take off his Uichi T shirt.I just went feels like snow. We seem to be be making progress on the transport systems and have been happily travelling round on monorails,water buses, JR rail, subways. Todays experiment.........we are going to try a Bus! and a private rail line.

Watched  a bit of winter olympics-very good..........those ski jumpers but there has apparently been little joy for Japan.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Andersens

It must have been this Tuesday night that we saw an excellent show by the Andersens at the 2nd floor CD shop in Koenji whose name momentarily escapes me. This shop is not exactly spacious but has bands most days and is obviously run by a person who is devoted to music and serves pleasant drinks. We were drinking Sho Chu and Hoppy. I was told that this was drunk by japanese people when they couldn't afford beer.On the whole its probably nicer than beer. I was also told that Sho Chu was used as a disinfectant during the Edo period 1600-1868. Somehow this does not seem unlikely. I think it could certainly kill a few germs.
Also performing was an Australian person going under the name of Inquiet. Boy with casio. Strangely enough (??) he was not interested in talking to us. There was an fascinating last group who were members of various bands with drummer from Andersens too. Good night out.


Thursday 2 February 2006

good times on the weekend at the Old Bar with Flywheel and New Estate and many very interesting attendees. It was about 40 degrees and so hot we could hardly speak but though somewhat rough and ready a good show and great performances from the others . Get the new CDs from New Estate and Flywheel if you werent there.

Reading Martin Amis Yellow dog he refers to the emergence of a new human type:the high IQ moron. Wised up, affectless and non empathetic,high IQ morons are supercontemporary in their acceptance of all technological and cultural change. I think I know a couple.

I have been playing with my Sort of annoying but pretty cleverly put together I must say. Seems like they are trying to create a site that does everything. If David Nichols is right as he tells me everything put on the internet stays there forever there are some boring tasks ahead for historians reading through those comments .I wonder how scary the plane trip to japan will be

Monday 9 January 2006

So much for resolutions. I guess I have just been so busy being nice to everyone I haven't had time to write. It is extremely hot. The news is full of shark attacks and jellyfish stings and fishermen being washed off rocks. Seems safer to stay in Bendi on the whole though it must be time for snake attack stories too. We are going to do a version of Don't Fear The Reaper. James doesnt know it yet but he'll be singing along. (I hope). Blue Oyster Cults motto is "On Tour Forever". I am intrigued by this paragraph discussing why they changed their name from Soft White Underbelly.

With Eric’s influence, the band began to go down a slightly different musical path--leaving behind the more psychedelic/San Francisco sound, and gravitating toward a more rock & roll approach. This, along with the fact that the SWU name had “been around” and had received bad press after a particularly disasterous and embarrassing gig, it was decided that the band needed a new name. They were dubbed the “Stalk-Forrest Group,” and in February of 1970, headed out to California to record their new record at Elektra’s studios in Los Angeles. It was for the Stalk-Forrest Group that Pearlman created stage names for each band member, which were immediately rejected, with one notable exception: “Buck Dharma.

What was the disastrous show?

Thursday 5 January 2006

Just when I was quietly bemoaning my lack of Christmas presents (but thank you Vedna and S) articles have been pouring through the post - New Dr Konig Arthaus CD and split single with Boyracer from Oliver in Germany , exciting looking mix CD from Kenji in Tokyo , lovely Christmas card from Masako in Tokyo , and gorgeous awe inspiring 20th birthday poster for the Cannanes from Ouidir in France with 2 mysterious CDs of Algerian music I know will be glorious- Not bad !

Wednesday 4 January 2006

So one song off the new album is sounding pretty good....only 12 more to go.AAAggghh.... I have set to work on my A-Z of Human Rights book. I am going to ask for help from others and it may have some chance of completion. David and Hairy are discussing the contents of the Best of the Cannanes CD . Some of their suggestions seem rather strange to me but then I always go for the obvious .I am reading Kingsley Amis' Lucky Jim. The first few chapters are disturbingly reminiscent of work. Stephen has got a bill for $1400 from the ambulance. I am sure they are worth every cent but we only went about a kilometre. Next time he breaks anything he will have to get a taxi.

Tuesday 3 January 2006
Watched Oliver Stones JFK. Rather confusing. I wouldn't have convicted on that evidence if I was in the jury though no doubt there was something awful going on.

Monday 2 January 2006

So far so good-all resolutions going swimmingly. I have been pondering about the purpose of this page - It is entitled a Vanity Page so I suppose it is fine to just write about me but still...there is something sort of odd about the whole process even though I know everyone and their dog is doing it. (see for instance) People used to write diaries just for themselves and possibly for posterity - not leave them out at parties for everyone to read or pretend it was written by an animal. I see one of the galahs out the window- Should I write a blog from the galahs point of view - possibly a first but it would seem very dumb.
Anyway it is I suppose good practice for writing and heartening that so many people are keen on it possibly. It does appeal to the voyeur in all of us.

Hairy has been mixing Maybe This is Not my Business and resting his broken arm. I put a bottle of Lemon lime and bitters in the freezer and it blew up and finished Sea Change by Elizabeth jane Howard. The main character is rather like Lucy Pevensey in Narnia would have been when she got a bit older. The film was quite good though Lucy did have some rather odd facial expressions at times -When she was walking through the woods for the first time she looked as if she was in drama class expressing "wonderment" Still mostly she was pretty good so why quibble. I have started to read Running with Scissors By Augusten Burroughs which despite being in the present tense seems good.
Gus told us today he cant go to Japan which is a pity. Broken wrists take it out of you I guess.

I just read on Davids blog that Michael Nichols and Nicola have had a baby - Laurie. Good news! This function of blogs is very useful I suppose in cases like that.

Sunday 1 January 2006

I"ve been contemplating suicide but it really doesn't suit my style

These were the first words I heard sung this year done in a real rocking out version by a band at the Brian Boru hotel Bendigo 1am. I wouldn't have thought the Birthday party per se would have suited their style but I guess it just shows that Nick the prick has now moved into the boring rock cover band world. This is the second year in a row we have visited this Bendigo pub on New Years Eve to watch a band - there were about 8 people there last night. One character who seemed to be a cross between Bertie Wooster and Bunny from the Secret History doing some pretty gruesome dancing/air guitar and a few very interested observers not including me but definitely including Stephen who kept saying we knew the bass player. I did not agree and if we did I couldn't see much future in the relationship.

I have made so many resolutions it's a joke- tenor recorder lessons - cigarettes, exercise, becoming a much nicer person etc etc - Probably the most realistic is that I shall write here every day and we all know how likely that is. Japan tour is fast approaching -everyone has broken limbs and the Australian dollar is falling like a lead balloon

I was just looking up what lead balloon referred to and found this :
"In the late '60's Keith Moon and John Entwistle of The Who left the band over a disagreement and formed a band with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. During a rehearsal, Keith Moon said, "This is gonna go over like a Lead Zeppelin". Thus, when Moon and Entwistle rejoined The Who, Plant and Page kept the name and became Led Zeppelin.

The expression 'go down like a lead balloon' has been around for a while and was in common English usage prior to the 1960s. It was in using a variation of 'go down like a lead balloon' - meaning the sense of to crash/fall to the earth/be very unsuccessful - that Moon (I think) said the band would flop."

Tonight we shall walk in the rain to go and see Narnia. It has stopped being 42 degrees and become quite civilised.


Monday 21 November 2005
Why don't you come to Penguin House?

Japanese shows are looking pretty good-

Some of the shows are with Scottish band BMX Bandits. Those of you familiar with them may be interested in this exerpt from Duglas' diary in August 2005

This is sort of sad but after 18 years of being BMX BANDITS together Francis and I are parting company. I have to hold my hands up and say this was my idea, I’m totally responsible for this happening. I hear some of you saying “he must be crazy” but I really hope this will be ultimately good for BMX Bandits, for me and for Francis.
This decision is not a reflection of something lacking in Francis or his talents.Francis has made such a massive contribution to BMX Bandits and has co-written and solo written some of our best loved songs but I felt it was time for a change. Francis is an incredibly strong musical force and personality. I feel musically we were drifting apart and pulling in different directions. I was feeling it difficult to assert what I wanted to do with the group and would be ultimately left frustrated. I even found myself resenting Francis at times, getting snappy with him and treating him a little unjustly, not good behaviour. I’ve been writing solo more than ever (lots of songs), I have a vision of what I want us to be doing and I don’t want to compromise that. There are other factors…Francis is such a busy and in demand person that it is sometimes difficult to do a lot as a band because he’s busy or away places. BUT the main factor is I wanted to steer things in a more personal direction. Francis was very gracious and understanding when I told him all this and I'm really grateful to him for that.
Part of what BMX Bandits has always been about is its morphing and changing line up. I hope maybe Francis and I will write again someday but not just now.
I wish Francis lots of luck with new ventures and he’ll always be a part of what BMX Bandits are whether he’s in the group or not. He is still my brother in ROCK!
We are very excited about the future of BMX BANDITS and will hopefully have some NEW records out soon. The site will be updated with stuff on the new line up, new photos and music down loads. Give us a few weeks to get this all sorted.

Thursday 10 November 2005

As I sit here typing away I can hear Ms Penny blowing her own trumpet furiously in Studio 1 - Yes work proceeds on the new album though whether such a concept as an album will exist by the time it is finished is another question. Another eventful week.

Japan very exciting. I wonder how the BMX Bandits feel about the whole idea. As they are Scottish, Hairy will not be able to understand anything they say and no doubt the reverse will apply also. Ah well....

last weekend we played the Little Day Out in Sydney - a teensy bit disorientated from too much driving and arriving about 30 minutes before the show. The kiddies were not as enthusiastic as last year - So blase young people these days though they momentarily cheered up when we did Schnappi die kleine Krokodil though Hairy says they were upset it was in German. I don't even know what language it was a hit here in . They also seemed to like using the giant blow up microphone as a weapon. Mossy seemed cheerful enough though I note he did a much shorter set than last year so perhaps he didn't feel the crowd was showing their love. Or perhaps he was distracted by his kiddie (Julian?) playing drums and throwing a tantrum when removed from them. Then to the Sando for a few drinks for Bon's birthday and dinner at Turkish restaurant called Sultans Table in Enmore which is just brilliant.

This Saturday we are at the Empress playing with Tugboat for their CD launch. It is Shane Moritz birthday so I hope we can be good enough to make him dance. Hairy wants us to do Schnappi but I dont think so.
I am trying to ignore John Howard and Co who are going from bad to absolutely worse. Rally on November 15th to show your hate.


Wednesday 2 November

Wanna be a rock superstar, live large big house 5 cars

I think having 5 cars would be a nightmare - look what a trial it is having one but living large sounds like the go. I think there was a bit of living large at the First Annual Wipplegong event. Having fervently hoped for no rain for a week, it rained more than one could think possible in Bendi on saturday starting just when the first guest arrived. Still there managed to be a lot of singing and striding around so...could have been worse...and a lot of culinary delights. Looking forward to appearing on stage again on Saturday despite the apparent loss of all percussion instruments-tambourine shaped like a fish and maraccas (assorted). I wonder if rock superstars even notice when a tambourine goes missing. They probably buy them buy the dozen - or maybe they have someone whose job it is to carefully pack them away. The tambourine is that very one which led to the disappearance down the hole of the stage of the Annandale Hotel of the Russian Brides chap. As it appears that Sydney is soon to be riddled with holes on account of poor construction of tunnels under the city we should all prepare for such eventualities I suppose. I wonder if Glebe is on firm ground. Today is Bon's birthday.


Monday 24 October 2005

A long strange week with bands (Tennis coats and Maher bash etc) and work and parties and 2 baby galahs learning to fly in the garden. The bands were pretty interesting , the audience were annoying-I kept thinking they wouldn't be so annoying in Sydney but they probably would - too reverend....saw a good Ken Loach film called Carlas song and I am still getting through Mary McCarthy-. She and Edmund Wilson seemed to drink a lot - as much as us-Possibly more. Strange how literary figures do seem to be so keen on imbibing.Maybe cause they dont have to get up early in the morning. I have been reading about animal law.......the cannanes are off to Sydney very son for Annual Little Day Out with Mossy again I think. Very good.


Monday 17 October 2005

I haven't written for such a long time...I can't even remember now why not but probably something to do with having been on an island in Queensland,and then in Sydney for Plug Uglies show and then Canberra in the last 3 weeks I guess. Sydney was fun though a show with a broken bass string and a broken guitar string in 40 minutes is not always an ideal night out but what the hell...The poor boy from the Russian Brides fell down the hole in the stage when I asked him to play tambourine and I feel I was not very sympathetic at the time not understanding the magnitude of his injuries which were quite severe , I also momentarily forget the name of the lighting chap who was utterly fabulous (!) but I do remember and thank Steve the mixer .Plug Uglies were terrific.Canberra was also full of unexpected pleasures like being in the moosehead (or something) at about at 2 am on a Tuesday evening dancing like in an American soapie to very faint music and brilliantly finding Shontelle from Toowoomba's bag under a table.Oh I was pleased with myself indeed....Musically the Queensland island was a bit of a dud rage (though it certainly had other consolations) but we did become acquainted with the music of Phil and Amber who seem mysteriously not to have a high profile on the Internet so I cannot give you further details.

Tonight I have been "reading" Rolling Stone and although the gorgeous Simon Woolridge is editor the magazine still sends me into a frenzy of irritation-this months issue on a cursory examination being no different - first Gerling advertising sunglasses (Why? the answer - money is NOT good enough),Green Day being overawed to meet Paul MacCartney, an ad for $89 thongs, an article on that fucking Nick Cave film which I am so biased against I cannot speak rationally on the subject . No doubt there are some good things in there . Very good to read Sean P Diddy Combs has declared he will now be known as Diddy as " I felt like the P was getting between me and my fans". Who are his fans anyway?. Anyway I shall go and read some more about Mary McCarthy who seems to have been a real troublemaker - I am looking forward to the story of her and Edmund Wilson. On Thursday we are going to see the Tenniscoats which should be a hoot.

I am also trying to learn a song about an Egyptian crocodile to entertain at the Little Day Out ( and also because someone called Patrick Macdonald wrote to Rolling Stone complaining about that song Schnee Schnau Shnuppy saying people should be listening to what he seems to regard as underground bands like the Strokes instead). I think the lyrics of SSS would repay more study than many other ' alternative" faves. And anyway they are in German which stops them being so annoying.

PS I have worked out I Tunes and there is one Very old Cannanes song you can buy for 99cents. Annabel is singing. Farewell Cd shops..Your time is up NOW

Sunday 11 September

Yesterday I went into Sanity to buy Kanye West's- Late Registration. They searched for ages - then came up with a CD which they refused to sell me as they didn't have a cover. Allegedly no sanity employee is allowed to sell a CD without a cover. Roll on ITunes is all I can say. When I asked what would happen to it they looked rather blank. Annoying. I like the Goldigger song but I also like the fact that in the Concert for Hurricane Relief, Kanye West and Mike Meyers were narrators during the segment, and West said:"I hate the way they portray us in the media.  "If you see a black family it says they are looting if you see a white family it says they are looking for food. 
"We already realize a lot of the people that could help are at war now fighting another way and they’ve given them permission to go down and shoot us.""George Bush doesn't care about black people." Anyway if Sanity Bendigo can ever find the cover of the CD it will be mine. I also have my greedy little eyes on Sufjan Stevens- Illinoise

This week we have been offered a show with the Plug Uglies in Sydney October 8 - Hope that happens as it will be fun. Also had some contact with Eric from the Phillipines who says we could maybe get a show there - Stephen is still mixing Grassy Flat- Can you believe it....... will it ever end?

OK This weeks competition..Who are currently the worlds most overrated bands?

My submission is Foo Fighters and White Stripes.


Don't forget the El Duende CD launch this Saturday night 17 September at the Hopetoun Hotel Sydney with El Mopa. See almost every Cannane except me and Gus and James perform. Well at least I will not be performing on stage.

Last week sometime

the misery in New Orleans is shocking-there is nothing useful I can say.

Sunday 4 September

Last Sunday...the Oxfam show was quite OK despite being in the midst of recovery from over 8 hours of happy partying the night before. Funny how French pop music is much easier to dance to at 4.30 am than any other time.
I was not feeling at my sparkling best and was definitely at my lowest ebb during the first band Jumbledat who appeared to consist of a large group of cabaret jazz funk rappers from the Blue Mountains -max age 19 with more than a hint of Christianity about them. I cannot however hold them totally responsible. Lovely Trish Young followed and with the help of 2 Bloody Marys we got on and everyone else played very well and I was not too bad and it all seemed to go over reasonably well which was a relief. But after we played I saw the most fabulous band-Paper Scissors who were just excellent. I can't wait to see them again. Last time I liked a band this much it was the Bird Blobs (see 7/9/2002)
A DJ on Triple J Radio station said yesterday about writing his new songs "Every time I pump one out I get a bit of a head nod going". I found this terribly inspiring so must rush off now to do more composing.........

Tuesday 23 August

The front page of today's Bendigo Advertiser contains the wise statement by Kyle Sandilands (whoever he may be) about the Bendigo contestant in Australian Idol-"You can go all the way even though you're daggy". This is very comforting and it was in this spirit that I went out to dinner to the lovely Piyawat Thai restaurant on Friday to celebrate the end (I hope ) of the Grassy Flat EP. It has been sent off to Greg Wadley for any clues on a particular frequency issue. If he comes back and says it must be remixed I shall kill him.

a weekend full of ideas. I have belatedly discovered an interest in Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath -about 100 years after everyone else so have started reading my way through all the stuff- Read Giving Up -a last days memoir by Jillian Becker and the Silent Woman by janet malcolm and Ted Hughes' book of poems for Sylvia- I suppose now I should actually read something she wrote , I also read Andrew McGahan's the White Earth which was " a good read" but I long for the more familiar territory of Praise. I also went and saw the Bukowski film "Born Into This" which was very interesting-You should go and see it. Now I better read some of his stuff too. I also wrote and recorded vocals on a song which is not exactly in the same league but hey...we all do our bit-it was fun anyway and has a couple of spooky lines

Thursday18 August

suggestions for Ron Penos day job are pouring in- Thank you Mr JD of Coburg.

carves chess pieces from soap.
weaves his chest hair into tiny figurines.
station programer at vega fm.
runs a jim's lawn mowing business.
works in a shop
bottles his breath
he's a department store santa
sells his peno sperm.
makes plaster casts of his manhood and calls them penos
motivational speaker.
masked crusader.[penoman]
beauty consultant.
a beauty queen.
bass player in jet

It;s Thursday night in Bendigo. I am off out to hobnob with Australias best constitutional lawyer. Others are putting the final touches to the Grassy Flat EP. Vague texts are arriving from Ms P Mc Bride. She appears to be somewhere in the vicinity of Uluru. She's a crazy gel!

 Sunday 14 August 2005

Well..Stephen has been working flat out on the EP for Douglas Wolk .I would never have the patience to do mixing-listening to the same songs over and over is excruciating. It is a lot more entertaining watching the galahs in the back garden. They and the magpies and lorrikeets lead a life full of fascinating interactions. I believe the magpies will be playing a featuring role on the next EP.

The Ex Cat Heads CD is released on 1 Sept which is good. That project took so long...ah well...Next weekend we venture up to Sydney tp attend a Party - Annabel Bleach is having a birthday and all the great and the good will be gathering. Then the next night is the Oxfam benefit at the Hopetoun Hotel. As we are never allowed to play there possibly since slagging off the booker sometime last century or possibly as they would say because we are not popular enough, this is a good way to weasel our way in there (though we had no idea of this of course when we agreed to do the show). Strangely enough Peter Fenton and Dave McCormack are playing also. How our paths do cross! I am expecting to enjoy this event. With any luck it will actually make some money. Only sorry that James will not be with us.

9pm Sunday-

Just went outside for a look around but it is very dark and I quickly hurried back inside as there was something out there...

aahhh...I am feeling so inspired. Currently working on 3 new songs:

1. oh those bogus people
2.immature pumpkins
3.She's such a creative lady


9.15pm From The Age ;

It's me-its me Kim right....

When rock legends Kim Salmon and Ron Peno start making country music, you know the result isn't going to be anything like Garth Brooks...
Unfortunately this statement certainly has the ring of truth. I rather like some Brooksy. But the big mystery of this article by the perceptive Mr Blackman is this sentence;

Peno declines to reveal what he does for a day job, but it is clear that both he and Salmon have given up on the dream of making a living out of music.

What does Peno do? Shall we have a comp?


Friday 28 July 2005
oh the last few weeks are a blur primarily made up of food and music - a small but perfectly formed row of dancers at the Town Hall Hotel, lemon tarts and spaghetti Marinara in Lygon Street, laughing at the Empress, enjoying playing with new lineup, the huge brilliant blue/green fish at dinner at the Aquarium, Liz complaining about baby boomers, 3 possibly productive days in the depths of Simons recording studio, Curry Masala with Penny,"its all good" as some would say, after show drinks at Francescas (too many but fun).

lovely to be back in Bendi though where I have been making a number of interesting new acquaintances. This morning I cut out the picture of John Howard in combat gear and stuck in on the work noticeboard. Really! That man......


Sunday 26 June 2005
Sanitation Education Availability of shoes Trade Unionism - JL from Sydney proffers these suggestions for how the world has improved. Another very good list was supplied by MS AB of Sydney but I efficiently deleted it by mistake when i got a message saying my mailbox was too full. Nothing from Melbournites. Perhaps, as the Age keeps saying, now that the political and corporate power has shifted to Sydney so has the intellectual centre of the country.

Mr L of Sydney also came up with the following celebrity sighting

"I was on a tour of old Melbourne Gaol on Monday and I'll swear till I'm blue in the face that Douglas Wood was on the tour with one of his brothers at the gallows hearing about Ned Kelly getting hung. I was standing there with my copy of the Age comparing his front page picture, and though he didn't do the smile he was a dead split". Wierd. But was he shouting God Bless America. I wonder when Doug and Mercedes Corby will be in the Big Brother House. The mufti should be Australian of the Year.

The other news issue here this week was the vote at the "exclusive" Sandhurst Club on the issue of whether women should be allowed to become members. The committee recommended that they shouldn't on the basis that there would be no benefits and it would cost too much (the facilities (toilets) argument again!!) The members agreed. Honestly sometimes living here is like being in the 1950s. You are a radical if you think clubs should be open to both sexes. Most of the women I met agreed they shouldn't be members as "we can go there for lunch anyway" and "Let them have a place of their own". Forget the issue that the members are 300 men who at least nominally make most of the decisions about the place. It doesn't matter of course as they will die and the club will go downhill and they ail be begging women to join. It is the smug parochialism that is irritating. But hey you cant have fresh air, no traffic, and the ideal lifestyle without a bit of small town idiocy and it doesn't affect me at least.

Back to Cannanes news I did some singing on a Flywheel song -Not sure what they want so just warbled happily along and will submit for decision on whether any ideas are useable. Hairy has been mixing elephant noises all week for an Animal Liberation Comp. Probably very similar sounds to the Sandhurst Club AGM.


Saturday 18 June 2005
So last Sunday there we all are, assembled in the kitchen staring at a telephone receiver waiting for the phone to ring . It rings and we all go on staring at it. Hairy shakes his head and leaps over to answer it. We are on air. Or at least on the internet from Rhode Island USA. What a strange and interesting place the world is.

So we proceed to play reasonably well considering. For some reason I am rather nervous and muck up a few things but I guess not many people know and I suspect no one cares. Anyway that was fun and given it was the first time we have played as a band with Gus back went pretty much according to plan. James Dutt played some lovely guitar

I am still working on my list of "Ways the world has Got Better" since 1200 in order to be better able to continue the argument with Bon amongst others who claimed the world is rapidly deteriorating. All I could come up with at 1am the night before was penicillin which was hopeless. Having now read Saturday by Ian McEwan I shall add brain surgery. Any suggestions gratefully received. (

Some good news this week - Michael Jackson Not Guilty, Douglas Wood freed. I am still a trifle concerned about the allegation of Michael having a porno magazine "Barely Legal" I would like to see the evidence on this point because although of course he has every right to be in possession of such magazines, it does seem out of character with my vision of MJ.

I met some of the fans of this blog on Friday night. They told me the main appeal of this vanity page was the incredibly exciting life I lead and how they live vicariously through my days as relayed here. This allows them to escape the dreariness of their own lives. I am pleased that this little bit of nonsense can bring so many so much pleasure and a brief respite from their plebian existence. Of course all the really exciting things I do are highly controversial and would shock and amaze you all so much I must not even venture a whisper!!!!!!!

Just saw the Mike Leigh film Vera Drake. God he is a good film maker. Next week off to that gleaming Metropolis in the north to check in with all those superficial sun lovin' real estate crazy Sydneyites and bring em a little bit of Victorian culture.


Sunday 5 June 2005
Well looks like japan is on in February. Next weekend all gather at Wipplegong to see if we can actually play any songs and then off To sydney at the end of June for further practice then recording in mid July.

Meanwhile I have a new hobby. Prior to spending any time in the country I was unaware of the scrapbooking craze that seems to have attracted the masses. I am still not quite sure of the purpose of scrapbooking though there is scrapbook paraphernalia everywhere. It seems like it consists of sticking photos in a book and drawing borders around the photo and writing funny comments on them but this may not be correct. Anyway we have started a scrapbook of our own dedicated to the appearances by our neighbours in the local paper. It is coming along nicely. We are not adding comments though.


Wednesday 1 June 2005
Spent a lovely weekend down at Wilsons Prom celebrating JBs birthday. Apropos of nothing at all managed to create 2 songs-The Stephen O'Neil classic "Guilty as Charged" and James Dutton's imaginatively titled "Going to Hell in a Boogie Board Bag". With Miranda Picton Warlow's and my dulcet tones and excellent lyrics we really had 2 surefire hits on our hands but who knows if they will ever be performed again. Still...I guess they were of their time.

The magpies are immersing their whole bodies in the bird bath and it is about 3 degrees outside. Are those birds impervious to cold! Shintaro Kiyonari has very kindly sent us footage of the last Japanese tour which no doubt will be up soon on the site. He also sent a new flavour of the FRAN chocolate on a stick range from Japan. What a civilised country it is.

Monday 23 May 2005
Poor Stephen Hairy O'Neil dreamt last night that he was told the Trade Union Club in Sydney was open again. "Oh yes", the anonymous excited informant told him. "Only the third floor. Underneath its got all offices but the third floor is the same as it ever was". What a nasty awakening to discover that it was only a dream. Unlike the reality of a trip to another late night venue called The Pub in Central Victoria. For some inexplicable reason I ended up there last Thursday night or rather Friday morning early. I had been drinking green drinks. As one walks into the Pub as this venue is imaginatively titled you are given a large number on sticky paper. The y stick this on your jacket. After a while you notice that there's a big sign with text on it saying stuff like No 352 come home with me. At the time I was very scathing about this crude pick up mechanism but on further reflection there are endless possibilities for amusement that may warrant a return visit. Maybe when the rest of the band is down sometime.

Finished some retakes of tracks for Proust opera and now onto Flywheel song. New Lamingtone release will be delivered tomorrow.

Friday 13 May 2005
Last weekend Penny was in town and Gus came up and we recorded some tunes to Bon's drum loops. In theory these are for singles in Germany. This was done with the aid of a large amount of fine Central Victorian wine but surprisingly enough the results were not bad. Then down to Mel for James birthday gathering and I have rarely heard such a fine chorus as surfaced during his birthday song. During the course of the evening popped out to see the Golden Circles (from Brisbane)and Origami who were both in their different ways very entertaining and good. It must be time to see some crap bands as this good run is going on far too long.....

The video compilation from No Parachute sounds like its on its way to fruition so am looking forward to that - 30 bands from around the world....

Tuesday 7 March 2005
Looking forward to the musos reunion in the countryside. Even though it will take 16 hours driving or something.

Are people really curtseying to the Aussie real estate agent/Princess? It seems extraordinary to me but I suppose its true. Nobody in the Press seems to have noticed the absurdity. Princess mania. Thank God I don't have a TV!

Monday 26 February 2005
My it is so long since I wrote. Oh well you know...summer and all that. We spent a few glorious weeks at Cannanes cottage and played in Sydney 2 shows last weekend. The first was at the CAD Factory with the delightful, entertaining Vic in charge and the Beautiful Few and Brother Man Dude. Both of whom are good. The Beautiful Few are one of the most entertaining bands I have seen in quite a while actually... The show was recorded but I haven't heard the results so far. Next night back at the Warren View with La Huva-also very entertaining. It is rather unlike me to be doing so much praising but truly they were all good. Go and see for yourself...Sydney was very sultry and dirty and noisy and lovely as usual.

We also played in Melbourne and were lucky enough to play with New Estate. Good FUN

It is time to get some stuff done though and so the next few weeks I have high hopes of getting the next Lamingtone release to the pressing plant. Is that what they are called these days and finishing the Proust singing. I am so slow....................................But I don't blame me. There is always some annoying issue going on to get in the way of productive activity. I also want to get to work on the Hume Highway website. Not enough hours in the day. Stephen told me today that Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder are giving evidence for Michael Jackson. Good on them.You all know of course that he is innocent.

Monday 13 December 2004
Well what a strange and grotesque evening the show at the Warren was. Despite the rather positive comments from some audience members (thanks Tom and Mike) the weirdness never stopped. First the bar staff had to throw 2 people out who refused to stop having sex in the front bar.There is no evidence that they were there to see the Cannanes but if they were, other matters soon overcame their interest. Then Elvis Costello turned up or so everyone kept saying. I myself did not see him but I did run across a roundish British gentleman who if I remember correctly came from Ireland but said he didn't have the money to get back. At one point he was on stage but I am afraid I am still rather at sea about what he was saying or was it singing. He offered to buy me a drink and we had a long conversation about the merits of cider but the drink never actually eventuated which I in no way hold against him as I know how diffcult it can be to remember these things. At the end of the evening however he came and congratulated me saying I was the fat cock of the band ; a statement which he assured me was a compliment. Still somewhat reeling from this statement , I was accosted by what seemed to me to be an elderly gentleman with a white beard who exclaimed happily that I was obviously from his generation and was I singing folk music in the 70's. I gazed at him rather unhappily and muttered something about watching TV in the 70's and Mary Wyer sitting next to me added helpfully Countdown etc. I also couldn't talk to my friends in the break as I was dispensing simplistic marriage counselling to someone who had last seen us in San Francisco on 1991 and had obviously taken their time about trying again. I think one could sum up 20 minutes of revelations and advice ( for some reason the details of which I feel obliged not to reveal) as being that he should talk to his mother.

Bad, bad ,bad ...all rather depressing and added to the fact we played quite badly, enough to make one rethink things rather.But on the good side we did get to play with the lovely Mary and her band Her Name in Lights which was an honour-my only regret being I did not get to watch all their set as closely as I would like as I had to talk to my poor friends dragged from their comfy homes on this rainy Sydney night to this madhouse.Oh well as they say "Things Can Only Get Better..................

CD of the Week
The Tenniscoats (Japan)

Wednesday 17 November 2004
So back to the Warren View on Friday 3 December. According to the Sydney Morning Herald the Warren View is now cool as someone (Hamish?) from the Vines drinks there. What must it be like to be a person who can make the Warren View cool merely by stopping in for a beer. Very strange.

Who'd be a celebrity though - look at poor old Jeff Shaw humiliated by accusations of drunkenness. I guess judging is not the best profession to be in for drinking though. Now if he were in the Vines everyone would take it for granted and it would probably be cool. I don't think anyone in the Cannanes has ever been cool - though some of my colleagues might disagree. Perhaps Penny is but she's far too nice to be really. Jim probably thinks he is but I don't think so. Francesca suffers from Pennys problem....David and Annabel...nuh...Hairy doesn't appear to really understand the concept.
The Australian dollar is at 77c US$. I said when it gets to 80c it's time for a visit.What are all you Americans doing in July?
CD of the week
Saints collected works

Tuesday 8 November 2004
Well..........yep 2 really bad election results in a few weeks is hard to handle but it pays to remember lots of people didnt vote for them and those that did are probably uneducated rather than totally greedy and stupid (we hope). Anyway lets forget it for a moment-at least there has been some rain and its nearly summer and the poppies and roses are all blooming. As far as Cannanes news goes the recording gear is working!!! the band are due to assemble in the first week of 2005 and we are trying to sweet talk our way into someone elses show in Sydney before Christmas but maybe not. Doesn't matter as I am sure there is plenty of fun to be had anyway.I am trying to urge Hairy to get a show with I am a Hovercraft cause I saw them once and liked it.

Why don't you go to

101 Smith St Melbourne Australia on 20 November to see Flywheel, New Estate, Pits, Bites. We'll have a dance

Monday 1 November 2004
On the eve of the US election we wait with trepidation. Hopefully as a nation they will prove themselves to have more sense at this point in history than the Australian public though I doubt it. Seems bit like a mirror image. Polls showing neck to neck but then eventual big winners the bastards. I do hope I am wrong....The Liberal National Government in Australia now has control of the Upper House probably meaning we are about to enter a new dark age where they can pass every meanspirited bit of legislation that they can to assist employers and grind workers down . I hate rich people even though I probably count as one relative to most of the worlds population. There is even talk they will stop voting being compulsory. Very bad...

I am sure this is a simplistic and naive approach to world politics but who cares. I know it's right.

Meanwhile it is time for the Cannanes to start thinking about entering foreign climes. Plans are beginning to surface through the foggy mess..............There is even talk of recording some vocals for the Dark Beloved Cloud cd this weekend.....

CD of the week

Der Konig Arthus - Ohne Wham und Abba (Germany)

Monday 4 October 2004
Back from rainy Sydney, though there was one day of glorious sunlight where we played with Aussie Icon Mossy (aka Ian Moss) at a benefit for Bons child care centre. Now we've played with him and Christine Anu I feel about as close to being on Countdown as we will ever get . (Though was Christine ever on? Perhaps not...) I heard Christine on the radio last night actually complaining that she gets criticised for shaking her hips on stage and claiming she was not Mother Theresa. Not many people would dispute this though I think a number of people might dispute whether being Mother Theresa was all its cracked up to be. But hey! enough controversy..........We played a fun show with Darren Hanlon on the bill and Sunbargain and the kiddies stood there dutifully and waved their tambourines and little Leo gave a stirling performance on the recorder. The weird thing is that they dont get bored but perhaps they haven't played Met You As A Baby as many times as I have. Yannick Caffarel Slade made his brilliant debut on guitar. Jim ignored Hairy and I on King Street later that night after a farewell party for Mandy Pearson (Love Me) who is off to taste the delights of Tasmania. The reason for Jim's actions is hard to fathom but either embarrassment about his activities or ours must be the key to it. We just point out we were not coming out of the Townie.

Election Saturday coming up with a house party at Wipplegong attended by ex Cannanes David Nichols and Francesca Bussey and other wonderful people. If the ALP dont win we will all drink a lot.....................If they do..........

Current Cds being played at our house are

Electrolane (thanks for the tip Toby Dutton), Her Name in Lights, Scout Niblett Uptown Top Ranking and an Indian CD I can't recall the artists name at the moment and Hairys 2 Cure albums he got on tape for 50 cents


Wednesday 8th Sept 2004
The activity level of the Cannanes is picking up after a small abeyance. This Saturday off to Mel to play 3 songs-Fine Line, Optimistic Freakout and a mark of respect for James Dutton at the Victoria Hotel which as Stephen has said is a rather good place. That being the case no doubt it is bound to close or be sold soon though perhaps things are different in Melbourne to the Sydney scene.

Rumors of great things are afoot with talk that Innes Phillips (Relict, Clientele) is coming to Australia from UK to live for a while so we shall try and lure him down to do some recording. Also Stewart is making noises about a return visit to Australia with Ms Jen Turrell. Maybee we'll try and get the 40 songs we already recorded with him out before he arrives as well as the other tragically delayed recording projects. Computers. Huh. What are they good for Absolutely nothing. Actually I just saw the new Mac G5. Looks pretty good I have to say.

With 2 very important elections coming up we Cannanes are hoping desperately that both Bush and Howard disappear from our lives but pessimistically I have my doubts.

If you are looking for serious entertainment. I am making cameo appearances in a TV documentary called Street Practice(!) on Tuesday nights on ABC TV Reality Bites. (Well this is my vanity page............................)

Sunday 18 July 2004
Well I am back but it is Sunday night and I feel ill after carousing with Theresa and others till the early hours in the glorious spaces of Wipplegong aka Cannanes manor. Much has changed since I last wrote-some very bad things but I don't want to talk about them and there have been some good things as well like japanese tour etc.

Theresa asked me last night how you get to be a singer in a band and I couldn't answer-best I could come up with is to hang around other people in bands for a long time. I fear this was not the answer she was looking for. I forgot about ads in music papers ! (he he)

The trees we planted in Sydney Park are now a forest and I am very proud of them. Stephen has gone tree crazy and planted hazelnuts, pecan, walnut, lime, kaffir lime, orange, bay cherry, apple, pear and plum trees. If they grow we will be practically self sufficient. Next Saturday we are going to see Belle and Sebastian. I wonder if they will be good or intensely annoying. We shall see.

Off to Sydney on Thursday for 2 days.

Sunday 24 August 2003
Lately I have spent a lot of time lurking round at home-only venturing out for strolls around Sydney Park. South Sydney Council are construcing a major inner city park right near our house and I even spotted a pelican one day . We planted some trees near Lake 1 which are doing very well so far though at the start it seemed they may not survive the drought. I was however lured out by the prospect of seeing Minimum Chips at the Mandarin Club which as Nicole said is the most beautiful place on earth. They were very good as usual and i wished I had gone to their other Sydney shows . The weirdest and best thing about the Mandarin Club was discovered downstairs where they had a small/bar/theatre where you could listen to the star of the day singing what I presume where Chinese classics accompanied by a band consisting of a flautist/saxohone/drummer /guitarist. The singer was dressed in the height of a fashion I did not recognise but did enjoy. Chinese people danced elegantly to some of the tunes. Drinks were cheap. It was the most beautiful place in town and I will be back.

"So you still like us then?"
D Harry State Theatre

I have just woken up from a sleep after wandering the city till late following the Blondie show last night. They were surprisingly good I thought - The last time I saw them, which was at the Canberra Theatre many years ago, hordes of the audience streamed out after a few songs as they weren't doing songs like In the Flesh to please the public servant audience and I think everyone found them far too punk rock. Last night I think all that audience were back and waving their arms as if they were at some long and cheerful Countdown special. Deborah was in fine form and was singing magnificently and after a slow start the band were really cooking as they say in the jazz world. She has a nice line in crazy old nymphette dancing which was rather impressive.

Noted a few strange things such as the bouncer kneeling at the front of the State Theatre like a ball boy (What does go on in their heads? I should go and interview them one day and find out), Annabel Bleach was accosted by an enthusiastic man on the way out who claimed he only came to see the drummer. As a drummer himself he knew Clem was really good. Annabel of course countered this assertion with the statement that as a singer herself she thought Debbie was really good. After having described Charlie Watts' drumming as "basic", he revealed that he was in a band called Hells Kitchen who were hoping to make it big. He mysteriously said he was working 6 days a week for this whereupon Annabel told him he should make it 7, a comment he did not seem to understand. In the Civic Hotel we were approached again by another man keen to chat with Annabel. This one was a stand up comic (I think or was that a joke) but very drunk and soon managed to offend by muttering something about ovulation.

I have been having a restful time in the last couple of weeks following Mick Jaggers 60th birthday party. I would write more about that but since I can remember virtually nothing about it anything I could say would be lies or fantasy. A few facts remain - A lot of people came and they drank a lot, a lot of people wrote very rude things in Micks card, there was a lot of dancing and Jim took a poll. As a Sociology major I feel the survey methods were dubious but when he has the results I will put it up here.

Anyway the others are all busy with their other musical projects - Penny and Hairy are recording with El Duende, they have also been doing some trumpets on El Mopa Cd which will be very good and allegedly will be launched at the Bat and Ball on 5 September. Since it hasn't even been recorded yet this seems unlikely to me but maybe someone is being very efficient. Bon is of course working on this. I don't know what Jim is up to but if you wish to find him you could try the Town Hall Hotel where no doubt he will be in a leather jacket trying to pick up chicks.

I hear the Lamingtone execs are deep in negotiation with A Gold Star Secret with a view to releasing their next CD and finally work is in progress to get the Ex Cat Heads CD out before Christmas.

The Cannanes are getting ready for the Japanese excursion in September, and a few Sydney shows before that. I am still reeling in horror at seeing myself in the documentary but the rest of it is coming along nicely. Stephen is still the victim of the greatest computer breakdown in the history of mankind and STILL cannot record anything. It is enough to make you cry but maybe this week - If that bloody thing gets going again I am going out on the town to celebrate I tell you........................................

Interview: Frances Gibson with Eden Howard for Rave Magazine ~ Brisbane ~ May 2003
EH. Trouble Seemed So Far Away was released in the US almost a year ago, but Australia got it six months late. Why the delay?
FJ. Oh just the usual boring stupid reasons that always seem to make putting out any recording take 10 times longer than you would think it possibly could. We changed a track or 2 and slightly changed the cover and as it was being put out on our new label Lamingtone wanted to make sure everything was done well and people actually got a chance to hear it. EH. Are you still planning on spending a lot of time abroad as a band?
FJ. Well- I don't know about a lot of time but it is one of the more entertaining aspects of being in a band that you get to travel to interesting places and meet (usually ) interesting people. Glorious as Australia is it does have a very small population and its hard to play in too many places.
EH. What inspired the electronic experimentation and directions on Trouble? Did it stem from working with producer Explosion Robinson, or was the idea there before you hooked up?
FJ. To tell you the truth we didn't do any electronic experimentation really - we just did what we usually do - i.e. write guitar bits and sing and write words - it's just that this time we happened to be doing it in Manhattan and left it with Explosion who then added his magic touches..
EH. The band is approaching twenty years. Are you comfortable with being referred to as indie pop legends? How do you look at what the band has achieved?
FJ. Yes go ahead... you may call me a legend...though I am not sure how close to the truth it is - We once were in a book by a bloke called Richie Unterberger called Unknown Legends of Rock where we rated about a sentence. ( I guess that is ROCK though not indie pop - the term indie pop is pretty creepy in itself - I'd rather be an unknown legend of rock than a real legend of indie pop. From the very beginning the band has achieved more than any of us could ever have dreamt of really - I mean I never would have thought that I would be answering a question about whether I was comfortable in being referred to as a legend!! 5 or 6 overseas tours, friends all over the world and some pretty bloody good songs along the way ( not to mention the occasional atrocious ones ...but then you have to laugh ).
EH. Do you think there is still a definable Sydney pop sound? FJ. Probably but I can't define it - considering 80% of the people I know in music from Sydney have now moved to Melbourne it is probably most evident in bands from down south these days.
EH. What did you think when you first saw yourselves mentioned in the Kurt Cobain journals?
FJ. I was told there was a mention in the book and went and sat in a bookshop in Melbourne looking through every page till I found it as it was rather an expensive item to buy on the off chance.. I was quite impressed but then I am always easily impressed by celebrity. It's a good journal though - reading it made me like Kurt even more than I had previously....
EH. How many other projects are members of the band involved in at the moment? Oh lots apart from me as I only do the Cannanes. Bon is recording his solo project and playing with El Mopa and A Gold Star Secret, Penny is in a band called the Hoo Hahs and plays trumpet with Stephen in El Duende and a reggae band, Stephen is also having high level talks about a one off Lighthouse Keepers reunion, I don't think Jim is doing anything else right now...
EH. Do you look at the current line up of the act as the ultimate for what you're trying to achieve musically, or are things still fairly fluid from gig to gig?
FJ. The current lineup is made up of musically talented people who are a very positive lot and this is a delightful situation - With help from James Dutton and Greg Wadley from Melbourne I think this is about as good as it gets but judging from previous experiences something will happen to ruin it....
EH. How difficult is it to fit the band around everyone's work schedules and other commitments at present?
FJ. As I say the band are a very positive lot who actually seem to enjoy it and go out of their way to put the band as a priority so its been fine actually...
EH. What else is coming up for the band?
FJ. Triple J live to air in next few weeks, new videos, Japanese tour in September, new EP in next 2 months, new CD by Christmas, another new CD by may 2004 and now that I see that Aussie dollar is going up I have been making a few tentative inquiries about another world tour next year with a big 20th anniversary celebration in a volcano in Arizona that is being turned into an artwork ( where 555 Records head Stewart Anderson and Jen Turrell live......most of this will probably happen !

Interview: Frances Gibson with Nick CoppacK for ~ time off ~ Brisbane ~ Australia ~ May 2003

NC. Depending on who you talk to The Cannanes are either one of the country's / world's finest pop bands or a band whose name suggests they're a bunch of dog lovers with questionable spelling. Does it bother you there's not much in between? There's a lot of people who aren't familiar with your work.
FJ. Well...I think you've very cleverly nailed the issue actually in that a) there are people who are familiar with our work and think we're pretty good and b) there are people who haven't a clue about us and have no valid opinions. It is not a bad position to be in really, as with a bit of general education we can only assume that the masses would be won over. There is of course the odd individual who knows what we are up to and can't stand it but hey...variety is the spice of life.

NC. So how do you guys feel towards the Australian music industry? How's it treated you?
FJ. The music industry and the Cannanes have in the past operated in what can only be described as different time and space continuums which seems to have worked out pretty well for us and pretty well for them but lately ....I don't know-I guess getting airplay on Triple J and the video played a lot on Rage had a bit of an impact. We've never had a manager, or an agent, or signed a recording contract or any other contract. Pleased as I am about this it does confuse industry people. A lot of what we have done has been overseas too so even though they say it is a global market - in many ways it is not at all. Most well known bands in Australia are completely unknown overseas just as well known bands in New York can be completely unknown here... Most of our recordings have been released in the USA. Anyway I've got no particular beef with the music industry - it's a profit making business like many others. The Cannanes were never going to be part of that industry. I think where people get upset is making the mistake that it has anything to do with good music or (dare I say which of course it hasn't.

NC. I notice Kurt Cobain's diary mentions you guys in it as one of his favourite bands. Did you know about that before the book was published? What was your reaction?
FJ. Stephens reaction was "Well why didn't he get us to play with Nirvana when they came out then" I was sort of very impressed but trying to pretend I wasn't and most people we know didn't and still don't believe it. One person claimed we wrote that into our copy of the book!!. We didn't know about it before the book was published. On reflection I like Kurt Cobain's music and I am pleased he liked ours and I would have liked to have a drink with him... I am not at all sure he would have wanted those diaries published which makes the whole thing a little bit creepy.

NC. It's been a while since you've been to Brisbane. What kind of memories of the place do you have from past visits?
FJ. Well I went to boarding school in Southport but was so rarely allowed out I don't remember much. I remember it was hot. Mostly I remember the Surfers Paradise Beer Garden which is where we would escape to on the 2 or 3 occasions we made a run for it. I realise however this is not Brisbane. The Cannanes have only been to Brisbane once and it was a glorious time from my memory and I can't think why it has taken so long to get back - I think it is partly 'cause we've always had really bad cars that take days to get that far. I would actually quite like to move to Brisbane - it seems to have everything going for it but others do not agree.

NC. The band goes through a fair few band members. How settled does the current lineup feel?
FJ. You better ask them - I would like it if they all stayed around for ever but as we know only too well life has its ways of making sure this doesn't happen. People have babies, move overseas, get jobs that keep them too busy etc so really if you are around as a band for any length of time unless there are huge amounts of money and it is your living it is likely there will be changes. And even rich bands break up all the time too. Touring too much can make you hate people temporarily. There are some aspects to this lineup that may make it last for a while as I think all of them see music as something they do - not just a phase they are going through so you never know....

NC. Trouble Seemed So Far Away - what do you like best about this record?
FJ. It just sounds good - the production is superb. It was produced by a bloke called Explosion Robinson who has a studio in Manhattan. Explosion put in lots of weird noises which work really well - he made everything sound really fabulous - even my voice sounds ok - its odd how much he understood what we like, even though I guess in some ways his musical interests are in very different genres from the kind of music we are generally linked too. I don't think he is a fan of the indie pop wimpy world. Like when our first EP many years ago was played to LL Cool J and he allegedly just looked disgusted and said "Weak!" and walked away. I sort of know what he meant but I think we are different now.

NC. Are you always on the look out for new sounds and new ways to record? What direction will you head in next?
FJ. No I don't think we are - stuff just happens and people just turn up and make the music sound different. Collaborating with other people obviously is a great source of new ideas so we hope to do more work with Greg Wadley and Explosion and Stewart Anderson from 555 records and James Dutton from Melbourne. Hopefully everyone in the band will write songs too - we do like to operate as a collective rather than a dictatorship like most bands. Dictatorships are probably effective in getting things done but as in governments I suspect they don't produce the best quality output.

NC. What should fans expect from your live shows this time around? FJ. Fans should expect 6 consummately experienced and trained professionals and semi-professionals happily going about their musical business with humour and humility or something like that - Ex Brisbanite Greg Wadley will be playing keyboards with us which will be a treat. If we are lucky no one will be too drunk.

NC. Hopes/ambitions in 2003?
FJ. to get Stephen Hairy O'Neils computer to work more for more than a week at a time so we can finish the new EP and CD, tentatively entitled "Nobody Loves An Albatross", to get a new pair of speakers as we blew the last lot up last weekend, to go and play in Osaka and Nagoya as well as Tokyo in September, and to write lots more really good songs.

25 january 2003
Life in Australia has been all bushfires- terrible in Canberra, troops off to the non war in Iraq complete with girlfriend of sailor complaining about demonstrators saying "they shouldn't be bringing politics into the farewell scene" (one can only conclude she is a complete moron but I guess you can't blame her and it is the education system to blame). Made me recall my venture down to Garden Island Naval base with Sue Goodwin when the sailors were boarding to go off to the Gulf War. We had a noisy and admittedly rather drunken protest about them going ( while S O'Neil lurked very embarrased a fair way away) Strangely enough they were not inspired by our remarks to abandon their mission despite at least one comment from a sailor that they were off to fight for the Kawakis which we took as positive evidence that they did not have a clue what they were doing. Anyawy it is all about to happen again though it does seem this time as if the masses are pretty opposed to a war. It is so obvious there shouldn't be one or at least Australia should have nothing to do with it I hardly have the spirit to protest as it is clear that our Prime Minister will do anything George Bush says but I may get inspired if war eventuates.

Now that the Cannanes vid is being shown on Rage every week, later and later we have been staying up far too late just to check the context! Anyway last night went to the Vic on the Park and saw Spod who was pretty entertaining, rather gorgeous Australiana in a way. Very good facial expressions. He was followed by the Fangs..hmm....very loud - the bass player has obviously been studying the moves of Gavin Butler and Jim Woff and expanding on them in a VERY creative manner-they were followed by Sounds Like Sunset who were extremely good-Mr Dave was singing like an angel-all in all rather glorious then home where I drunkenly read emails just arrived from Matthew in UK, Oubidir in France and Oliver in Germany which made me feel pretty cheerful then I carked out before having the once in a lifetime chance to see us on the TV next to Joel Silbersher who is becoming a bit ubiquitous-having seen him the week before with Mick Turner at the Sando.
Spent last weekend recording a 3inch CD for Douglas Wolk on Dark Beloved Cloud label-not too bad, Miss Penny playing some gorgeous trumpet, Bon and Jim proffering charming songs. This little project is to be called Ghost Notes owing to some quirk of the universe which results in keyboard notes playing in the front room when no one is doing anything at all- off on the train tomorrow morning to country Victoria for a few days to return for show at the Annandale on Thursday with C minus Project and Founder



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29 Dec 2002
Started making plans for Japanese tour maybe in September 2003. Kenji Sekioka arrived for a visit from Tokyo today so we are discussing plans with him. We are hoping to drag Greg Wadley along for the ride. Meanwhile we are heading north for wine tasting in the Hunter Valley and New Years Eve on the swinging Central coast. Hope to return refreshed and in a fit mental state to play Parramatta Church Street Mall Sat 11th Jan. Our experiences of outside shows have been odd to say the least - I can recall the Chippendale Festival and the University of Chicago as prime examples..........still nothing ventured nothing gained so we shall give it a go...

In the 2nd half of 2002 Fran re-located briefly to Melbourne - place of her birth - herewith archived for posterity - her scene reports as they were delivered at the time

Melb Scene report 14 November 2002 yeah yeah yeah I am so slack but anyway...back in the mists of time I saw the gorgeous Rob Snarski performing at the Builders Arms. This as ever was a treat as Robs voice gets more beautiful each day he is on this earth. Like an Angel!!! Next outing was the Livid Festival which was held in a large area of halls and outdoor spaces in and near the Rod Laver arena. I don't often attend these type of events but I am sure that if I did I would be a healthier and more attractive individual as there was lots of walking around and it was rather difficult to eat or drink. Still saw some pretty good stuff including the end of Gerling (missed most of their set due to a 63 mile trek round the whole Centre to the one entrance), bits of Powderfinger and Oasis and best of all Morrissey who was great though I may just be suffering from nostalgia for days gone by. Glanced in at Mercury Rev who are a strange band-the singer would go down well in pantomimes as he had a bit of a habit of acting out the songs (eg I am flying - flap arms in wing motion) towards the moon (point up to happily placed real moon over arena) or something like that - I don't know exactly what the words were. Also the International Noise Conspiracy who owe a touch to Mick Jagger (but then doesnt everyone) and then of course it was Spring Carnival which means lots of women in frocks on trams in the afternoons holding their shoes in their hands, hats askew, slightly tipsy and fancy hairdos falling apart. I stupidly asked the woman in the information booth in Bourke St Plaza (or is it a Mall?) on Melbourne Cup Day if Victoria Markets were open and she glanced at me with disbelief and contempt saying "Certainly not madam". My Melbourne Cup consisted of drinking steadily at the Standard in Fitzroy then wrecking Jo and Jims house in Richmond by dancing around pretending to be Morrissey in 1983. Very satisfactory. Haven't seen much else being caught up with other stuff till Disaster Plan, El Mopa and Decoder Ring at Revolver Upstairs on 8 November. Of course El Mopa were their usual entertaining selves - though I am intrigued by what the hell Simon is saying when he makes those audience asides as I can never hear them - Simon Killaleas's films with Decoder Ring are very good and I felt like they should have been playing in a dance party though of course I really have no idea of what goes on at such events. Disaster Plan were the only Melbournites on the bill and I have to admit when they started I feared they were going to suffer from the dreaded Melbourne pretentiousness however as they played this turned out to not be the case and I ended up thinking they were very good. The singer I think is Richard Moffatt who has always been a good friend to The Cannanes and he has an unusual talent of playing guitar with no strap - not sure of the point of this but it looks interesting and he sounds good - for some inexplicable reason they reminded me a tiny bit of Modest Mouse who I am a big fan of though I dare say no one else would agree. Had to go to Syd to play Cannanes show with Knievel. It's a long time since we played at Annandale and I noted that the headline band got a bottle of wine and some towels. We got beer which was ok and a chance to see Sounds Like Sunset. Enjoyable. On the plane from Sydney on Tuesday I noticed a family getting their photo taken by the flight attendant . That evening I went to see a film called "welcome to the Waks Family" and heavens to betsy there they were. this is an entertaining documentary about an orthodox jewish family in St Kilda who have 17 Children! The horror you would think but they all seemed cheerful enough even their mother who strangely enough did not come across as insane but rather lovely.

Football Moon landings Cockroaches and war
Melb scene report weeks ending sept 10 2002
gumps as Annabel would say - I am already getting a bit slack in the writing department. I have not however been slack in the going out department - In fact I have put in many hours of work out on the grid in search of the real Melbourne. As it's getting warmer (I said warmer rather than warm) and the wattle is blooming and it's getting round to football final time there does seem to be an air of muted excitement in the air. Wierdly enough no one seems to be the slightest bit interested in the Melbourne Cup though I am trying desperately to gee them all up so to speak musical nights of note The gorgeous Mia Schoens solo cd release at the Builders Arms on wed 28 august was very enjoyable with the only slightly off putting thing being the dead silence between and during songs in Guy Blackman and Kirsty Stegwazis solo performances. Not that people weren't enjoying them and they of course clapped very enthusiastically - just a bit much respect or something which leads to that quietpower feeling which makes me feel highly uncomfortable and filled with a desperate need to escape. I used to get the same feeling at symphony orchestra concerts my mother took me too and it has no relationship to the quality of the music. Felt much more relaxed seeing Mia again playing bass in Clare Moores band at the Rosstown Hotel at Carnegie. Clares band and songs are really superb and although the Rosstown Hotel has the atmosphere of a Leagues Club this was an enjoyable expedition into the suburbs. It was also a very educational outing in that i learnt a lot about types of AFL supporters (eg Collingwood- white trash, St Kilda - rock stars...etc) and which team every celebrity in Melbourne supports courtesy of Dave Graney but I fear I have not retained a lot of this knowledge which really should be in visitors guides to Melbourne. Another educational outing to the Art gallery of the Mornington Peninsula where there is an exhibition on Nick Cave. I was rather fearing this as Nick Cave seems pretentious enough without people encouraging him by setting up exhibitions but it was small and it was a sunny day and we got to look at a Melbourne beach so all worth while. I didn't learn anything much about Nick but there was nothing that challenged me to revise my opinion and start thinking he was a great artist so that was satisfying. The funniest bit was pages of paper where he wrote his lyrics - all framed and marked "Pen and ink on paper".
Deep Country at the Town Hall Hotel showed that they are a band I would like to see again as it was a bit hard to hear through the charming low finess of the PA there but what I heard sounded most entertaining and fun and it was my fault, I was also a bit distracted by other goings on. The Chapter Records 10th anniversary at the Rob Roy was a hoot-All concerned very good especially Minimum Chips though perhaps the Wagons are not my cup of tea but there was dancing till 3am and a lot of sad farewells to Guy Blackman off on his way to Tokyo. The Double Figures cd is also full of good songs which is always surprising for compilations. Back to see the Bird Blobs again at the Empress on sat night (7/9). They are nice and raucous - no fear of quietpower and Ian Wadleys guitar is a joy. I fear they are not too popular with the masses as yet and may be not playing music that is in fashion in Melbourne. Perhaps they should move to Sydney though of course no one good is popular with the masses in Sydney who spend their time doing anything rather than going to see bands except when they go to see the Hives or things from overseas.
The talk Seems to be a lot of talk about when Steve Bracks will call the Victorian election- possibly the end of November.. apparently there is no certainty the ALP will get back in as there has been a redistribution of areas, Bracksy says we shouldnt go to war with Iraq unless there is a good reason - radical eh!! - this seems to be the official Labor Party line, some Collingwood football player was caught masturbating in his car in Clifton Hill, who will get rid of John Elliott from the Presidency of Carlton football club and generally football football and football Lies Claims that Melbourne is insect free are proving to be totally false - in the last couple of weeks I have heard tales of smashing of large cockroaches in Richmond, some other unidentified ant/beetle thing was crawling at Bundoora and just a minute ago I saw a large blowfly in my room, On the weekend I met someone who is convinced that there was no moon landing and it was all faked and now today I see Buzz Aldrin has punched a filmmaker who is spreading this idea. For some reason I find this conspiracy theory intensely annoying and though I am not usually in favour of violence - on this one I'm with Buzz.

Melb scene report - week ending 16 August 2002 It's actually probably about 2 weeks but who's counting anyway - The Melbourne world is as usual non stop. There are so many things to go to it's a wonder anyone can cope. Highlights have been Heligoland and also especially I want a Hovercraft who played with them at the Pony on Wed 7 August. Someone i respect mentioned to me the other day its not so great to be very rude about other bands. I am not so sure I agree with this but no doubt it is nicer not to and anyway luckily just about everybody I saw has been good so no problem. The musical extravaganza for last week was the Hi God people at the Builders Arms in Brunswick. They are a bit hard to describe but you couldn't fail to enjoy really - Michael Jackson cardboard cutouts, smoke machine, strange wailing and Greg Wadley smoking a cigarette were highlights. I can't describe the music - just don't have the right vocabulary. They also played with Dworzec who were pretty good and a chap from Sydney whom I cannot comment on under the new policy. The only other thing I saw was a bit of Hi Pass Filter at the Empress on Friday night but I really couldn't make an intelligent comment on this due to circumstances not beyond my control. Nicole tells me a man poured beer on her head and claimed she didn't understand crowd etiquette when she accidentally bumped into his girlfriend [was that me? ed.]. There is obviously a lot to learn. Popped up to Syd for a few days of what some Melbournites might call "T shirt weather" (No wonder they write songs about it) but didn't see any music except Cannanes at a practice and they were all playing beautifully. Other things I have noticed are a strange magazine/paper called MX which appears to be read by 4 out of 5 commuters on Melb trams/trains buses etc. It seemed kind of like a pile of crap but sort of intriguing crap like where has Kylie been shopping while she's in Melb but having a look at the website I see that in fact it is sophisticated hip and contemporary and covers everything of interest to todays 18-34 year olds. From my observations it seems to appeal to a wider demographic but we all know its a complete waste of time trying to sell anything to those dull as ditchwater 35 year olds. Anyway it is strangely popular. Maybe people in Sydney just cant read as much or prefer talking loudly on mobile phones. Lots of events for your Melbourne diary coming up: Sleepy Township on Thursday 22nd at the Rob Roy I think - Next week Ms Mia Schoens' solo album launch on Wednesday at the Builders Arms and Thursday - Deep Country at the Town Hall. Some idiot was heard saying that Deep Country are a cover band but this is rubbish and they play lots of wonderful ORIGINALS. (Well actually I have never seen them but I suspect this is the case)



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