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cannanes shoe

The Cannanes Chuck Talyor All-Stars (or Gym Boot) made by Converse

We certainly didn't see this one coming but were surprised to be asked to contribute artwork and blown away (as it seems were Converse) by our own David Nichols wonderful design

The shoes hit the stores just prior to Xmas 2008 and we were most pleased with the results and happy in the knowledge that 10% of net wholesale price of these shoes go to The Global Fund (Geneva, Switzerland) to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

The limited edition shoe was internationally available with reports of purchases in The U.S., Canberra; Fitzroy; Swanston St, Melbourne; Sydney [Australia] as well as Carnaby St London [England]

So far as we know they are now sadly or gladly sold out!

fridge magnet

At last The Cannanes Fridge magnet !
Issued during our Sept 2003 tour of Japan and officially launched at a big bash in Sydney in Oct 2003 ~ We still have just a few lying around so let us know if you want one quick!

book dust jacket

Our one and only 64 page "book" co-published with Woozy magazine in 1997 in the United Kingdom a real labour of love with lots of Davids fantastic cartoons + heaps of lovely photos etc...

Read it and weep!

Out of Print ~ 2nd ed. in the works!

Fran with a fan in Bloomington. Seemingly happy to get hold of a piece of 1999 "world tour" memorabilia
The Stumpvision T same as the single art a real conversation piece
Colum from Paris 1st entry in our T shirt comp of March 2001 sporting the ever popular Caveat Emptor design (which seems to have been somehow enhanced)
J Neo Marvin brings Barbara Manning into the picture for his entry April 2001
German model - Oliver Hinz - looking very cool!
A very limited run of these shirts which were designed by Francesca were produced back in the mid 90's
Classic David Nichols design printed for '96 US tour by Fireproof in Chicago
Another excellent Francesca Bussey design ~ printed for '96 US tour by Fireproof in Chicago



Searching for sleeve to scan ~ this is very early, very rare, very obscure piece of history

~ Ben ~ if you still have it? could you scan for us? Cheers! ~

Ben c/w The Postmans Whistle
No label / Sydney Australia
1 copy only ~ So rare we may never be able track down the artwork to to display here!
cassette sleeve
It's Hardly Worth It c/w Life
Happy Penis / Sydney Australia
Limited release of 12 copies only - each individually recorded - almost as collectable as the Ben cassette! (see History Pt.1 for more details)
cassette sleeve

The Cannanes Come Across With the Goods
Happy Penis / Sydney Australia
Our first album in a way - still ahead of it's time! - possibly the definitive classic of the indie era! Only 100 copies were produced; of which few ended up in shops.
cassette sleeve
cassette sleeve
Happy Swing
K Records / Olympia USA
A collection of out takes from the Bored Angry and Jealous sessions and other direct to cassette recordings from 1985 & 1986
cassette sleeve
side A
Skeleton Is Your Little Boy
Do the Happy Swing
side B
It's Hardly Worth It
Gloom Turns to Boom
cassette sleeve
I've seen it all (Rarities 2)
No label / Sydney Australia
Extremely rare collection of live, studio & home recordings from 1986 - 1989
side A
1. Prelude
2. Countdown
3. Weather
4. Sweater
5. I've seen it all
6. Don't let her ruin your life
7. Caress me
8. Cardboard
9. Grey skies
10. No visitors
side B
[ liner notes read ] RARITIES 2.5 (details available on request)
cassette sleeve
No label / Sydney Australia
A collection of live & 4 track recordings from the early 90s each with a unique sleeve

side A + B
Frightening Thing (the other version)
King of Lilliput
Hypnotised (live 14/11/92)
Swing You Little Red Devil
Handsome Man
cassette sleeve

The Cannanes
Ajax Records / Chicago USA
Promotional version of the cd album some of which were re-packaged and sold only at shows on our '96 US tour (tracklisting - same as cd)


1991 selfless: the Cannanes tribute compilation
Toytown / Melbourne Australia
Not actually a Cannanes release (the rumours are wrong!) this wonderful collection [a Cassalbum no less!] of cover versions of Cannanes songs compiled by Wayne Davidson and including such classic acts as Hardhat Cowboys, Brer Rabbit's A Rascal, Stinky Fire Engine, Girl Of The World and Pot Lobster Bitch among others doing lovingly de-constructed versions of Cannanes standards from the early years
cassette sleeve

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