"sound that is TIMELESS "
The Legend (Reviewing: Bored, Angry & Jealous EP) NME 11/4/87

"Kings of the do it now"
Simon Reynolds NME 3/1/87

"The Cannanes are pranksters of pop who poke their jests at everyone including themselves"
Steven Cadbury RAM 21/1/88

"The Cannanes have a new single called 'Cardboard' which I haven't heard, but the name alone leaves an indelible mark on my psyche. Its simplicity is mind numbing"

"The Last Of The Great Shamblers"
Everett True MELODY MAKER 8/10/88

"The Cannanes are like a face, eyes to see with, nose to smell with, mouth to eat with and no sense of direction. Melbourne is this way don't be scared!"
letter from Floyd Wangler 21/12/88

"The Cannanes sing about a life that feels eerily similar to my favorite pair of ben-wa balls"
Brian Berger CRUSH Jan.'91

"Cannanes music, lies in the stylistic lucky-dip somewhere between the Stooges & the Carpenters" Kylie Burtland HONI SOIT 13/10/92

"Maybe not the Cannanes at their best, but that doesn't mean you can afford to be without it" Bill Meyer MOE Winter '92

"Putting everyday life to music is no problem, it's putting something more interesting that's the hard bit"
Fran in SOFT WHITE UNDERBELLY No.3 [mid '93]

"I am an enigma. I deal exclusively in esoterica. I have never, ever and will never, ever, ever write a song about "everyday life" as you put it for the simple reason that I have never experienced "everyday life""
Gus in SOFT WHITE UNDERBELLY No.3 [mid '93]

"Devoid of all musical professionalism, any notion of what constitutes good production, musicianship, song structure and heaven knowns what else, the Cannanes have created a brilliant, sloppy mess with their latest album.", "Could go down as a classic"
Paul Andrews (Reviewing: Caveat Emptor CD) OTS 24/8/93

"They are a bit quirky, a bit pop, a bit reflective, and a bit jolly, but they are all class"
Michael Olliffe (live review) OTS 17/8/93

"The Cannanes will always be one of my favourite bands. Like, I never remember the fact , but each time I hear them I just think, "F***, I love this band"."
Sarah Kestle (Reviewing: Witchety Pole CD) MELODY MAKER 18/9/93

"Sunny, guiltless girl-boy punk from Australia, with good teenage advice on the sleeve and an even better instruction on the label: "PLAY LOUD & LEAVE THE ROOM"

"International Pop Conquorors"
Lauren Z IN PRESS 15/6/94

"I recognised Francesca from my medieval history tutorial group three years ago. Which is just the kind of band that the Cannanes are. At one time or another, someone you know is bound to have been in their line-up."
Katherine Biber DRUM MEDIA 28/6/94

"The Cannanes are certainly not holding their breath waiting for an Australian seal"
Michael Smith DRUM MEDIA 26/7/94

"for me it was like joining the Rolling Stones"
Francesca SALTY & DELICIOUS Aug. '94

"tonight I was reminded what good pop songs should sound like"
Guy Blackman (live review) in SALTY & DELICIOUS Aug. '94

"you'd be hard pressed to find prettier songs than "Perfect Light" and "Chosen One.""
Matt Hickey ALTERNATIVE PRESS Oct. '94

"You'd be an idiot to miss this rare chance to see the Cannanes, a group that practically embodies the essence of truly independent truly personal music."
Richard Salty TIME OFF 23/11/94

"thank you, thank you, thank you"
letter from Joe Robertson 15/1/95

"i was reading ABOUT AUSTRALIA the other DAY & it sAid the whoLe CONtiNeNT WAS SettLed BY BRitish PRiSONeRS ; CRiMiNALS & MAdMeN. thAts NeAt & cute! i LOVE you, jeROMe.
jeROMe Feb. '95

"Undeniably the indiest group in the world, those livin legends THE CANNANES" OTS 28/2/95 "The Cannanes have a special weirdness about them. They probably live like no-one else, and upon venturing out into the world, control a freakish nature to partake in this cynical life."
Rachel Newman OTS 7/3/95

"To anyone reading this who hasn't heard Short Poppy Syndrome, I bet it shits all over whatever your favourite album is. It's funny, cool and a best friend." David in BLIND March '95
"the cannanes are the most important thing since perferated toilet paper"
Andrew Coffey
April '95

"Plaintive music about the limits of dreams, the Cannanes are a Ken Loach movie for your ears"
Ann Powers VILLAGE VOICE March '96

"Saw the Cannanes twice in the past few nights - their first American tour in 5 yrs - and found myself completely moved. They're so far ahead of most U.S. bands in terms of lyrical conception and emotional punch, it isn't even a fair fight."
Paul Lukas Chuchanga list March '96

"to describe The Cannanes for you, in a single image, would be this - James Joyce in exile from his beloved homeland writing Ulysses on scraps of newspaper."
Richard Vogt in OTS August '96

"Sweet , sweeter, sweetest."
Steve Tignor in PUNCTURE Summer '96 (describing the song Drug Induced Delirium)

"You've gotta see them, because I wasn't expecting what I saw when I saw them play. I suppose they're older. They're into doing their music, but they've got lives and they're all married. It's weird."
interview with Wikky Malone (of Spdfgh) IN*PRESS August '96

"I feel compelled to go out and gather their rather extensive back catalogue. if only someone would give me a list!"
Geoff Towner (Reviewing: The Cannanes CD) in DRUM MEDIA September '96

"And so, when these "Cannanes" left, the land mourned the loss, and yearned for their comforting presence once again."
Ted Dumitrescu (reminiscing on the '91 US tour) in WPBR SUMMER '96 PROGRAMME GUIDE

"I'm, getting tired of telling folks over and over again how the Cannanes' unlikely lyrics, quick-shuffle strumming, offhandedly-original vocal melodies, and general endless-shoebox-of-pop makes them Exhibit A among bands whose parlor-pop portable simplicity hasn't prevented them from making very good music for a very long thyme."
Steve B in POPWATCH No.8 December '96

"The fluid Australian combo is willfully amateurish and occasionally a bit too cute for its own good, but the utterly unpretentious purity of the band's output is hard to deny."
dss in TROUSER PRESS GUIDE TO 90's ROCK 5th ed. '97

"they've pre-empted every major music trend of the past decade (ok, so they missed the boat on the manchester thing...) AND done it with more guts and honour than anything that followed"
(h.) in c.e Xmas '97

"Like few bands today, the Cannanes have the innate ability to take a 300-page novel and disguise it as a three-minute pop song."
Zeljko Lausevic Arts themaneater on-line arts July '98

"I hate those old Cannanes records with a weary passion. I can't for the life of me imagine why anyone out there would want to pick one up, let alone play it on the radio. But I have eleven dollars worth of gratitude that they did."
David (on royalty cheques) editorial in FRISBEE MAGAZINE August '98

"It all adds up to another essential release from one of the most criminally taken-for-granted bands of our time."
J Neo Marvin (Reviewing: Arty Barbecue CD) in PUNCTURE 42 July '98

"Each of this record's eleven tunes has a melody warm enough to melt an iceberg and catchy enough to hook a school of haddock with one cast."
Bill Myer (Reviewing: Arty Barbecue CD) in INK BLOT

"I remember someone once telling me Francesca once wished for snow and mere moments later it began snowing"
Keith McLachlan in Twee Kitten ezine #12 December '98

"gorgeous barbed pop songs that sound deceptively smooth until you listen to the lyrics - "castigations of dim friends, clueless ex-lovers and technologically fostered isolation", It's like biting into a chocolate fudge cake and finding it filled with tongue-blistering chilli"
Joanna Fag in BACK:BEAT June/July '99

"Hailing from Australia, the Cannanes earned their international , underground popularity the old-fashioned way: five years of non-stop touring"!

"The Cannanes are, without a doubt, Australia's best-kept musical secret."
SF WEEKLY July '99

"They have inspired more groups world-wide than you and I have had hot dinners"
Shane O'Donohue INPRESS June '00

"Australia's secret pride, and the most casual indie-pop band Anywhere"
Douglas Wolk VILLAGE VOICE October '00

"... a dream-pop manifesto, but has anyone ever woken up from a dream as gorgeous as "You Name It"?"
Greil Marcus SALON 18/12/00

"And it's magic. I am telling you... simply and purely MAGIC."
David DeVoe (Reviewing Communicating at an unknown rate Album) for Hybrid Magazine Iss.4 2001

"Their attraction undoubtedly lies in their Australian identity, which often evokes the same mythmaking as Brisbane's Go Betweens."
David Olivetti Rolling Stone April 2001

"the Cannanes can melt your heart with moonlit symphonies more comforting than orchids and chenille"
Portland Mercury 26/7/01

"Yes, my friends, I still hate Australia, but I will always love the Cannanes."
JS Portland Mercury 26/7/01

"The Cannanes remind me of Meatloaf"
Bill Leake RADIO NATIONAL (Night Club) 4th Nov '02

"the Cannanes latest album Trouble Seemed so far Away is one of the definitive musical highlights of 2002"
Meeshell Ho for Ozmusic project Nov 2002

"Now the bands bittersweet jangle comes with a cosmic hue"
4 stars
4 STAR Review of Trouble seemed so far away CD in Rolling Stone Feb 2003

"The Cannanes saved me from a lifetime of seeking approval off others."
Houseboy for Faster Louder Apr 2005

"Cardigan-owners, rejoice!"
Marc Hogan (Reviewing: Small Batch CD) on 9th Jan 2013

"the Cannanes have returned and showed us why they deserve to be regarded as true innovators of indie pop"
Trevor Smith (Reviewing: Small Batch) for CMJ 20th Mar 2013

"Featuring just six songs, it's a taste of why The Cannanes should be on everyone's play list."
Patrick Emery (Reviewing: Small Batch) for Beat 2nd Apr 2013

"It's nothing short of mesmerizing"
Stephen Haag (Reviewing: Small Batch) for PopMatters 3rd Apr 2013

"reminds us that Flying Nun acts weren't the only influential DIY bands from our hemisphere"
4 stars
Doug Wallen (Reviewing: Howling at all Hours) and giving it 4 Stars in Rolling Stone Sept 2013

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