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MP3 of you name it on ( this is Frances rather miserable ode to New York......

Cameron P Smith from Cats Miaow will be drumming with us on upcoming shows in Australia....

Heavenly Beat The Cannanes in an odd poll conducted by some strange people at WSEU Connecticut in the USA. (This does not surprise us one bit as they are rather popular and we of course are a rareified acquired taste which many people have yet to discover).

The Cannanes marched along with 250,000 others for reconciliation issues with Indigenous Australians over the Sydney Harbour Bridge on May 28 and later that day performed live to air on Sydney radio station FBI. Strange old life...

Recordings OUT NOW!!!
OUT NOW ON 555 Records PO Box HP41 Leeds LSX 4XN United Kingdom 2 Cannanes songs-whats to say except they're not too bad. One features Stephen coughing , some rather gorgeous trumpet and has a cover designed to appeal to Scrabble enthusiasts. The other side celebrates the glory of whinging

INDIE AID ABROAD: A little help for East Timor; Now this is a little 22 track beauty- Cannanes have 2 songs but there's a lot of other good stuff-My current favourites are the first track by the Steinbecks and the track by MJ 12. You can try and get a copy from Drive_In Records


Recordings ON THEIR WAY:
Living the Dream
, rock ern roll cannanes style Now beautifully mastered by Rafter Roberts in sunny California we hope it will not be too long before this one sees the light of day but.........
Communicating at an Unknown Rate: indiepop cannanes style The Cannanes with Steward A glorious collection of songs recorded with Mr S on one of his world wide jaunts. Coming along nicely this is expected to be available by the time we get to New York to play with Steward and Even As We Speak.
The other one (as yet unnamed) The Cannanes with Explosion Robinson-sophisticated pop for drunken aesthetes Featuring the master loop keyboard and production skills of ol ER this one has some pure gems especially the ode to Felicity.

"I was just looking at the Slabco website (, and they have this fantastic MP3 of a soon be released collaboration between The Cannanes and Explosion Robinson. Theres not much info on it, so, I was wondering if you could fill me in on what the release is, etc?
Well now I guess you know as much as us though I hope you received a more personalised answer-I shall check with the appropriate staff member-Basically stephen and frances lurked around Explosion Rs house in Brooklyn and went out on the town with him on a number of memorable occasions and wrote some songs and are sending him bits of stuff with great difficulty by various unsatisfactory technologies. It would be a damn sight easier if he would just get over here but as it is we shall have to make do.

At long last we are getting around to updating our HISTORY site at DISCOGRAPHY is up to date and the GIG section should have been done by the time you read this. Section by section over the next few months the rest of the site will be updated to include MP3 music files and hopefully a video clip or two! Jerome you are grouse!

NEW WEB SITE! And for those of you who would like to be more in touch with Cannanes goings on Andy has set up an Australian home page at to list upcoming gigs as we confirm them and provide a little info on recent goings on in camp Cannane. Another part of this new site will soon include works in progress MP3s; check it out. Lots more news but we are out of space.

If you would prefer your newsletter in another format (or not at all) please let us know by emailing us at: email address

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