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Herewith a link to the most
recent newsletter we have sent out to those on our newsletter list

NB. Also links to our newsletter archives; for the researcher, ultra-keen fan, and any Cannanes wanting to brush up on thier own history! If you are after an easy to read history of the band we'd suggest you go to our HISTORY section first then come back here if you just can't get enough ~ oh and don't forget to check out the BIBLIOGRAPHY


Newsletter No.32 (9MB pdf) No.32 (914k)

August 2015 [ Most recent Newsletter ]

Newsletter No.31 (4.2MB pdf)

September 2013

Newsletter No.30 (4.8MB pdf)

June 2013

Newsletter No.29

June 2010

Newsletter No.28

April/June 2008

Newsletter No.27

January/February 2006

Newsletter No.26

October 2005

Newsletter No.25

December 2003

Newsletter No.24

September 2003

Newsletter No.23

April 2003

Newsletter No.22

November/December 2002

Newsletter No.21

March 2002

Newsletter No.20

June 2001

Newsletter No.19

February 2001

Newsletter No.18

September 2000

Newsletter No.17

June 2000


Sorry they are not all here yet - we will endeavour to add earlier newsletters when time permits


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