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Where would YOU like to see the Cannanes? in the sparkling Olympic city of
Sydney, Greenwich Village New York, mysterious Easthampton, historic Boston, stately Philadelphia, awe inspiring Washington or snazzy Atlantic City-Take your pick


Who ever would have thought it? 5th US tour coming up soon, Who's coming? Stephen, Frances, Stewart Anderson on drums, Unfortunately Andrew Coffey was a last minute selection to represent Australia in the javelin and so has been forced to choose between art and sport. In accordance with the Australian way Sport wins out but we are lucky to have Guy Blackman from Sleepy Township and Minimum Chips and Chapter Records join us on bass and we are looking forward to melting down Andrews gold to pay for the next album (provisionally entitled Thorpie, We Love You) Prior to the start of the tour we hope to hang out with Webmaster Jerome in St Louis then to NY to hit some bars and catch up with old friends Also while in NY we will be doing more recording with the inspirational Explosion Robinson for the forthcoming Slabco album.


Mary Wyer and an assemblage travelling under the guise of Even As We Speak will be making their debut US performances. Steward will be tap dancing and twirling his way around in his solo act.


Generic guitar pop cliches!! William /Miserable
Still the oldest insecure teenagers you can find in Australia, The Cannanes once again force out another two pop songs from their seemingly never-ending production line. 'William' is a song I'm sure they've put another name to in the past, it sounds a little too simple not to have been written by them before, but still, the lilting vocals and beautiful horn accompanyment take the song out the recycling bin and shoots it into space.

'Miserable' on the flip-side is much more pedestrian, almost slipping into mediocrity as it's pretty much a collection of generic guitar-pop cliches, but since The Cannanes probably invented most of them it puts the song more into perspective. It's nice but it can't be called amazing, just vaguely similar to... something. It looks like The Cannanes won't be following in their Scottish relatives The Pastels' footsteps and changing from niggly pop to etherial ambient soundtracks, their sound looks set to stay as shambling and cluttered as it was when they began. (A)

The Cannanes
'William' 555, PO Box HP41, Leeds, LS6 4XN, UK

Thank you A.


The Olympic period has been a time of pure glory for us in Sydney and The Cannanes are paying homage to the Olympic spirit by doing a show on Friday 22nd September in the heart of the of the most beautiful city on earth. Lots of foreigners are expected.


Living the Dream (CD album)
Long time coming now due for release on Chapter Records of Melbourne any second now. Wanna buy one? Contact

Communicating at an Unknown Rate (CD album + 12"LP picturedisc!)
Recently mastered
under the skilled ears of Greg (Spill) Wadley. CD released on YoYo recordings of Olympia
See :

12" release on 555 records of Leeds
featuuring Stewart Anderson and a bunch of songs about life in the new Millenium which is proving to be pretty damn enjoyable so far (but we may revise this theory post Olympics.)

Electro 2000 (CD EP)
On this release we let the guitars take the back seat for a swish foray into the world of synthesized sound & loop extravaganzas. Released by InSound records of NY

Crank it Up (CD EP)
Live recordings made by Alan Korn at the Stork Club and Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco during our '99 world tour - a rough & rockin set for the serious Cannanes addict or as an introduction to our live stance (Death to Quietpower) Released by Blackbean & Placenta records of LA. Otherwise known as "Smash you like guitars"

A little help for East Timor Worth mentioning again is this 22 track little beaut - Cannanes have 2 songs but there's a lots of other good stuff of course. Initial pressings have sold out and already raised thousands for aid projects - you can try and get a copy from Drive In Records


Work has progressed on updating our HISTORY site at

A new feature being our completely up to date list of forthcoming gigs. Section by section over the next few weeks the rest of the site will be updated to include more MP3 music files and hopefully a video clip or two!

Meanwhile our Australian site at

now includes 'works in progress' MP3s a brief history of the band (for those that don't have time for the complete version). and a photo gallery of recent goings on.


Friday 22nd September 2000 8pm
Emutech cafe (aka Fluid) Sydney NSW Australia the Cannanes + Mary Wyer

Friday 22 September
149 Enmore Rd
Enmore Sydney NSW

Thursday 12 October 2000
Flywheel (the club not the band!) Easthampton
MA USA Even As We Speak Steward
A LL AGES Thursday 2 Holyoke St. Easthampton,
MA (413) 527-9800

Saturday 14 October
Fez (Under Times cafe) NY,NY USA

+ the pacific ocean + even as we speak + steward
(for reservations call Fez on 212-533-2680)
380 Lafayette Street (at Great Jones Street) - New York, NY 10003

Wednesday 18 October
Thompson Center New YorkUniversity NY, NY

+ Even As We Speak + Steward
238 Thompson St between 4th and 3rd st right across from Wash Sq South...

Thursday 19 October 2000
The Miky Way Lounge Boston, MA USA

+ Even As We Speak + Steward
Centre St., Jamaica Plain, MA

Friday 20th October
Philadelphia USA

+ Even As We Speak Steward + Rabbits in Red

Saturday 21st October
McGuires Irish Pub Atlantic City, New Jersey USA

+ Even As We Speak + Steward and the Improbables
(609) 345-9607

Monday 23 October 2000
Galaxy Hut Arlington,Virginia

+ Even As We Speak + Steward and the Softies
Galaxy Hut: Wilson Blvd, Arlington VA.



how about thorpie? is it just me? it gives me so much pleasure to sit here in front of my ian thorpe screensaver and ponder the wonder that is ian thorpe. or amble down martin place looking at his big shyly smiling face on the westpac building. sigh.


Daniel Cuzner


1. Which American would you most like to meet?

In terms of people who I have an actual chance of meeting, there's a guy called Cameron from a band called The Boyish Charms who I used to correspond with and have never met, although we fell out of touch a while ago. Other than that, Bruce LaBruce.

2. What things are you most looking forward to in the USA?

Mexican food, cadillacs, and gridlock.

3. Who is your favourite swimmer? Thorpie or Pieter van den Hoogenband?

Ian Thorpe has a nicer face.

4.How low will the Aussie dollar go?

There's a psychological barrier below 50c US that even the stock exchange would have to recognise. Wouldn't it?

5.Whats the best thing about Melbourne?

Its distance from the Olympics.
Thank you and Goodnight

The Cannanes


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