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CD launch in Sydney The Cannanes "Communicating at an Unknown Rate" launch at the Vic on the Park Hotel at the Cnr Addison and Enmore Roads Marrickville Sydney on Friday 2nd March with extra special guests Love Me and to kick off proceedings Steward fresh from UK and USA tours


In Melbourne 9th March now confirmed for The Empress of India Hotel in Fitzroy with Minimum Chips and (naturallyl) Steward + special guest Jen Turrell from the fabbo Philladelphia band Rabit in Red 10th March now confirmed for the Town Hall Hotel in North Melbourne + special guests Sleepy Township A touch of class this year as we welcome Jim Woff to the fold; master of the bass guitar and doyen of the Sydney scene Jim has also proven himself to be a consumate entertainer even at rehearsals.

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- More history than any other band in the Southern hemisphere.

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Admire glamorous photos (well...) Yes it's finally here which brings together our old darnet site run by our dear friend Jerome Gaynor of St Louis these last 5 or so years, and our site set up last year as a training ground which has now it born fruit! Many thanks to Jerome for all his hard work + also to Neil Johnson who set up and ran our original site on wood & wire many years ago. The new site has been made possible (and banner add free!) by David Major of Melbourne who runs a space age Ebook site Radical skies check it out.

Webmasters The Cannanes salute you!

Competition corner:
Tshirts Competition No.1 - Tshirt comp - do you have a great or not so great photo of yourself wearing your favourite Cannanes T? if so mail or email it to us at and if chosen for inclusion on our site you will be rewarded with a Cannanes album (or CD) of your choice.
Test your knowledge Competition No.2 - Lurking around the internet are bits of paraphernalia relating to the Cannanes. Rewards to anyone who finds extra reviews not printed here and bonus points for identifying factual errors - 1 point for each error-person with highest points wins a Cannanes cd /T shirt or a night out with Stephen O'Neil.Please note some of these pieces are miracles of factual accuracy. Of course we are absolute sticklers for facts and spelling etc and always throw in a spelling error on new cds just to test you all.
1. Originally formed at Sydney Uni in 1984(ish), these guys have been described as "the world's most indie band". Still, they've just announced Japan touring dates for this year, and are still playing around the world. It just goes to show... Do yourself a favour, check this site out //
2.The actual meat of the statement was that at 7:00 pm on Monday, DOC Films would be doing a historically accurate screening of the landmark silent film Man with a Movie Camera with accompaniment by organist Dennis James and the Filmharmonia and that everyone should go. Anticipate low turnout, in the light of previous secretary entertaiment advices like "Everyone should go see the Cannanes" and a bunch of other obscure crap none of us can remember.
3. friday 10/20/2000 i went to see the CANNANES at the philadelphia ethical society tonight. although my friends and i couldn't figure out what the ethical society actually DOES ("sit around and think ethical thoughts? an ironic front for mafia business?"), they certainly have a nice building. and a nice address -- 1905 rittenhouse. the show was in the basement of the building. despite reeking of body odor, which may or may not have been emanating from a band member or attendee, it was a very nice room. xmas lights, padded chairs and benches, and a small stage with two spotlights. i don't go to many pop shows, but i attended because the singer from boyracer (a band i really like) was playing solo stuff. his deft use of sputtering electronics and a pink hello kitty guitar was fantastic. he also played drums for the cannanes. they were, as i expected, excellent. although i was determined not to buy any records, i was given an insound "tour support" cd by the cannanes' singer when i asked her about a particular song they played. "it's on this cd," she told me. "i think i'm supposed to be selling these, but just take it." how nice.
4. The Cannanes and Steward Communicating at an Unknown Rate (Yoyo Recordings) The CD Corral By Jeff Stratton 28/12/2000 The Cannanes and Steward The Cannanes are pop-savants from Australia with a history of lo-fi, rudimentary songs. Stewart Anderson, singer with British band Boyracer, found himself Down Under, discovered the Cannanes in the process of recording an album, and joined in. "No one expected this to happen," read the liner notes, "but it did." All I can say is it's a damn good thing it happened, because these gentle, homespun songs reek of amateurish ingenuity, friendly winsome innocence, and easygoing vulnerability. It's redolent of heavenly horns, soothing vocals, and adorably cheesy drum machines rescued from the 1980s. Communicating at an Unknown Rate is a simple, beautiful, memorable album.
5.What with this K-space-rock fusion and election hooha, it's enough to make one wonder if the world's gone topsy turvy. Refreshingly, when the Cannanes and Steward of Boyracer get together and put something out on Yo-Yo Records, what results is charming, shuffly pop. Though Boyracer was never, in my opinion, the toppermost of the poppermost, the Cannanes in their steadfast dedication -- through years, fads and losses of key band members -- to their vision has struck me as uniquely heroic, and their song "Frightening Thing" (especially in its cool, dubby incarnation on Arty Barbeque) has always been a brave, sad evocation of waning youth, so pretty much anything they do is jake with me. Communicating at an Unknown Rate isn't going to blow the top off anyone's head, but it's sweet, hummable affecting pop and in the waning moments of a tough and tense national year, it's exactly the sort of thing that's going to lull you into gentle slumber. And that's worth applauding. Communicating at an Unknown Rate, in a bizarrely self-conscious move, shows the band's members looking over the cover of one of their other records at what looks like a restaurant, but it's somewhat apt, as the long player could very easily be seen as an attempt to revisit and soup up past triumphs. The record is a fairly even mixture of late-period Cannanesism - melodic, doddering basslines and steady, shuffling beats - and the tart guitar lines that often distinguished the best of the Boyracer ouvre. In the early going, a barely-there drum machine leads a half-hearted charge into the future, but other than that, songs like "Clean Forgot" just look at you hopefully, begging you to love them for their simple, shambling charms. Late in the record, songs like "Remember the Theramin" feature interesting shifts in pace and the guitars are used to more textural effect than one usually hears in the work of innocuous Australians. "Theramin," lyrically, sounds like one of the Cannanes' occasional and typically ill-advised stabs at political commentary ("It just seems like bloody- mindedness," is a representative sentiment, but their typical MVP - chanteuse Francesca - pulls a rabbit out of her hat.). She who is responsible for "Frightening Thing"'s greatness pulls a stunner here, endearing her to anyone unimpressed by pop band philosophizing. Steward's charming, mush-mouthed vocalizing meshes well with the combo, making this another jewel in the group's unpretentious pop crown. Moreover, the vaguely sad tone of the proceedings indicates a certain emotional heft that your usual jangle-strum-jangle record has any right to lay claim to. The Cannanes smile wryly and gaze anxiously into a future where their kind of stuff might find itself damn near obsolete - not because we don't need it but because it just wasn't made for these times. Indie Pedant November 28, 2000 and contents 2001, The Chicago Maroon University of Chicago student newspaper Sam Eccleston


Other news - Work has started on The Cannanes with Steward album No.2 and in the meantime work is almost finished on our Cannanes with Explosion Robinson album more on these projects next newsletter. Refugees from the northern hemisphere are pouring down here this summer and, are being put to work on the new album-Steward of course, Rhea Flaten arriving next week from New York to play drums, Jen Turrell in early March. Frances is on a promotional tour to China and Stephen and Frances are off to New Zealand for a week in early April to check out why it is the Cannanes are perpetually being named as coming from there. Cannanes shows are also being organised for San Francisco in the week 12 - 15th July and we are playing at the fabulous Yo Yo festival in Olympia the week 17th - 22nd July. Contact the Cannanes cannanes[at]cannanes[dot]com

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