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The Cannanes

March 2002


Felicity EP CD launches

MELBOURNE 1 March 2002 Empress Hotel with BOYRACER and TUGBOAT!

SYDNEY and 8 March 2002 Club 77 with SOUNDS LIKE SUNSET and A GOLDSTAR SECRET [Club 77 is a short walk down the hill from Museum it's on your right - address = 77 William St East Sydney/Darlinghurst ph.93614981 NB. early show strictly 8 till 11pm don't be late!]

The Cannanes documentary!
The first 25 minutes exists and there has been a viewing My God!! the sense of destiny is so apparent right from the beginning!! Anyway it is all gorgeous apart from any scenes of Fran (who went into a sort of mental shutdown at the sight of herself on screen) and the filmmakers are doing a stupendous job. More info to come.

Frances has fallen in love with the band LOW. She is best avoided after a few drinks and has taken to wandering around chanting Amazing Grace with a rather glazed expression on her face and threatening to take up religion. The shows the Cannanes did with Low were fabulous and had a number of memorable moments. After the Sydney show at the Basement a young stockbroker came up to Frances as she was carrying some stuff saying he thought it was pretty good she was willing to give it a shot and he liked it - you know the rolled up sleeves etc - It appears he thought she had won some sort of competition which gave you the night of your dreams! e.g. a night performing at the Basement. Anyway it was all a bit night of dreams - so perhaps he was right, though had he known she had been giving it a go for 16 years he may not have been so impressed....Greg - we salute you -happy birthday to Greg Appel - songwriter for Lighthouse Keepers and producer of A Long Way to the Top - History of Australian pop music

Comings and Goings
Leaving Sydney this month Jen Turrell and Stewart Anderson off to that oasis in the south - sunny Melbourne. Arriving soon Explosion Robinson from NYC for a stint of recording in a secret beachside location.

Back to the Future
The Cannanes appeared at the Palace hotel after a short break of 13 years on 1st Feb. A handpicked crowd ventured out on the rainiest night in Sydney's history to be witnesses to this "secret show". Celebrities spotted in the crowd included Eric Ireland, Alice Caffarel - society linguist about town, and Alison Jones - bass player for Catapult. Entertaining the high fliers were also Jen Turrell and Steward and rockabilly band the Deluxe Bros.

Following news that Flying Nun are sponsored by Millers Genuine Draft the Cannanes are deep in negotiations with a number of major corporations. "An announcement is imminent" a spokesperson for the band said yesterday. In a press release last Friday the band made it clear that they have no political problems with sponsorship. "The more money we get , the more independent we can be and the more stuff we can get" crowed Stephen O'Neil.


Legal Proceedings
The Cannanes are being sued for breach of promise by colum for failing to supply a prize in an internationally advertised competition. In a last desperate attempt to avoid being dragged through the courts, lawyers for the band are involved in last minute negotiations to avoid costly litigation.

The Sydney scene
Well not too much of interest here - Ides of Space are back in town (from the USA!!) and its been terrific to read EVERY review they have ever got. El Mopa get better and better and are recording a new album as we speak, the Hollywood Hotel has got its entertainment licence back and the Palace may have bands again, Russell Crowe has allegedly been hanging around the Rose at Erskineville but we suspect that it is just that Russell Crowe models his look on people who hang around the Rose, Nick Cave's likeness has been produced on a 175 ml milk carton by Canberra Milk, venture down to 175 Great Northern Road Five Dock for new venue the Attic having bands monthly -I haven't a clue how you find out whats on but you're smart and will have to work that one out for yourselves, photos of minor Sydney music celebrities have appeared on the walls of the Ananndale Hotel - toddle down for a good old laugh at doyens of the Sydney "Rock" scene posing in ye olde black and white in typical sulky posey rock style photos and dream of the day when your ugly mug will join them.............. till the next time we say goodbye.........

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