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The Cannanes

November ~ December 2002


New album new label !
Worlds first release on the Lamingtone label !
The Cannanes newest album ( a collaboration with our good friend Explosion Robinson of Brooklyn NY ) already receiving extensive airplay on National FM "youth radio" station Triple J + Melbourne based RRR also available in the United States on Slabco


MELBOURNE Friday 29th November ~ Rob Roy Inn + Small World Experience + The Hi God People [ Rob Roy : 51 Brunswick St (cnr Gertrude) Fitzroy 03 9419 7180]

SYDNEY Thursday 5th December ~ Hotel Hollywood + Flywheel (Cannanes play a rare 2 sets) [Hotel Hollywood is located at 2 Foster Street (cnr Hunt) - Surry Hills ph. 02 9281 2765]

WOLLONGONG Friday 13th December ~ Oxford Tavern with El Mopa and two local supports [Oxford is at 47 Crown St Wollongong ph.02 4220 3892] (Free entry!)

We are very much looking forward to these shows for numerous reasons - but urge anyone who can make it to come along early to see Brisbane legends SWE in Melb who will be playing their first show in 6 years! ~ also a rare outing for The Hi God People who will; quite possibly will steal the show (particularly as they go on last).
Joining The Cannanes onstage tonight we will have Greg Wadley on keyboards (sporting his finest Krolock Robe and also celebrating a 'milestone' birthdate) plus James Dutton on rhythm guitar (James will also be joining us in Sydney).
Syd sees the welcome return of Flywheel who also have not played for far too long! and in the Gong El Mopa will be joining us to celebrate the release of their brill new album The New Weather

The Lamingtone story


We 've only just begun!
The release of our newest album Trouble seemed so far away marks the birth of a new record label which we hope in time will assist many fine recordings from a variety of times and places see the light of day and reach a broader audience the rest is up to you! Thanks to Davo for naming inspiration and Mia for our logo. Check out the new website if you have a minute to spare

The Cannanes documentary!
We have had a viewing and the viewing was good: yea verily ~ it was good! ~ very very good!! currently clocking in at 32+ minutes with 40 hours of footage to choose from the producers inform us they are now aiming for completion some time around New Years




Role of honour - opportunity
Yes if you take the time to vote for us on the triple J "it's a radio station" Net 50 we will be more than happy to add your name to our Role of Honour (to be added to the site any day now). NB. you probably need to vote this week, ( + don't forget to let us know ) we will probably only be there one more week so look sharp! All you need do is go to the JJJ site and vote.

Rock video update
It's finished it's done it's very very good and it's up on our website + should be broadcast on Rage ( late night clip show ) and the like in coming weeks / months - we would very much like to thank Neil, Thomas and Molly for } shooting ~ editing & production } not to mention their generous gift of time!

If you would like to view the results just click here and you will be transported to the newest addition to our site - the video archive

Websites update
Lots of new things on our website if you haven't had a look of late + you should be able to find our new video up there any second now.
Also check out Explosions' site lots of groovy sound and video: its at

Intellectuals hear Cannanes

"Trouble seemed so far away" was feature album on Radio Nationals Night Club program on the evening of Monday 11th of November. How this came about is a complete mystery but thank you To Bill Leak. The other cd he played was Meatloaf and he said at one point The Cannanes had a lot in common with him. This year we have been compared to Jethro Tull, the Thompson Twins and now Meatloaf - can it get any worse.

Jim changes a tyre
On the 25th of October The Cannanes played in Katoomba ( a beautiful old resort town west of Sydney ) up in the Blue Mountains. There hasn't been so much dancing at The Gearin since the 1940s. Even the older gentleman who was desperate for Johnny Cash and Olivia Newton John was seen slumped on a stool at 2am humming You Name It. James and Brian of Solla Sollew were excellent hosts and we wanted for nothing. Some of us felt rather sick the next day. Penny got a flat tyre and Jim Changed it!!! The talents involved in this band! Awe inspiring....

Financial Rewards!
In fact You Name it has been played on Triple J rumour has it more than once. We have achieved a pinnacle of success we are unlikely to see for a while. AND! Frances' Apra cheque was $101.61 - haven't seen that sort of income since the 1980's. Happy Days!!

Comings and Goings
The Cannanes travel fund for going overseas currently stands at $225. Hoping to boost it enough at least to get to Japan next year.

Speaking of Japan we are looking forward to the arrival of Kenji Sekioka (Rover records) from Tokyo during the festive season. Kenji is a long term Cannanes supporter and has already been lined up for interview by documentary makers.

Going down ~ The 'Gong
Sleater-Kinney play their first show in Sydney without Stephen drumming ( yes he is a footnote in Rock history 1. ) on the same night we are playing in Wollongong unfortunately - Friday 13th of December. As they are extremely good live we can only urge you all to cancel your trip to the Gong and check 'em out.

1. footnotes in Rock history ( Sleater-Kinney circa Oct / Nov 1994 )

The Melbourne scene
Our own Frances Gibson has been living in Melbourne on sabbatical since July of this year and has been reporting on the Melbourne scene regularly on our website at

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