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The Cannanes

April 2003

Kurt speaks.......
Here it is Kurt Cobain's Journal page 229

cannanes ~ kurt


SYDNEY Saturday 19th April ~ Warren View Hotel in Enmore

BRISBANE Saturday 3rd May ~ The Alliance Tavern ~ Spring Hill

BYRON BAY Sunday 4th May ~ Great Northern Hotel ~ Byron Bay

SYDNEY Saturday 19th April ~ Warren View Hotel in Enmore ~ for the first time ever in Sydney we will be playing three full sets ! ~ James Dutton will be flying up from Melbourne to join us on guitar & vocals and a couple of other surprise guests will join us on stage ~ it's free entry ! ~ so come along if your in these parts

BRISBANE Saturday 3rd May ~ The Alliance Tavern ~ Spring Hill ~ where we will play two sets in lieu of doing a 2nd Brisbane show this trip Greg Wadley will be flying up from Melb to join us on Synthesizer for this and the Byron show ~ be early as this could sell out : you have been warned! [ 320 Boundary St (cnr St Paul's Terrace) ph: (07) 3832 7355 $7 9pm ]

BYRON BAY Great Northern Hotel Sunday 4th May ~ three 45 minute sets ! - all the hits + newies, guests and more !!! [ Jonson Street, Byron Bay, NSW, 2481 ph (02) 6685 6454 ]


Oh.......... its been a while since the last newsletter. Those of you who live in Australia will have been stunned to find JJJ and RAGE playing a Cannanes song and we can only ascribe our success to years of hard work and humility or perhaps to our benevolent filmmakers and Mr Explosion.

Of course all the talk on the street is of the new Lamingtone empire - yeah ok.... so far only one cd but plans are afoot for more CD releases, books and DVDs and plastic whirly things . Stephen is currently negotiating for rights to The Party starring Peter Sellers.

Meanwhile of course there has been a frightening and bloody war on and we have not only attended many peace rallies but played on the back of a truck at one to the delight of many assorted peaceniks from the Newtown / Marrickville area. Playing on a truck was surprsingly good and one had the comforting feeling that if things got nasty you could just roll down the shutters and drive off... If only it had been a truck all those years ago in Adelaide... anyway we were sandwiched
in between an Aboriginal singer, songwriter, poet -
and a Kurdish lute player and I thought we fitted in very nicely. What effect we had on the course of the war is debatable but it was a nice day out.

The Past

We've had some delightful shows in the last few months ~ the honour of playing with Small World Experience in their first show in six years and The Hi God People in 'duelling Sitar' mode Friday 29th November @ Rob Roy Inn Melbourne - Thanks to Marnie and other Melbournites who attended

Sydney on Thursday 5th December @ Hotel Hollywood + Flywheel ~ "Trouble" launch.
This was a real hoot - standing room only Everyone was there - The Mayor Of South Sydney got told off for leaning on a drawing of a barrister and Hairy got told to move his amp as it was taking up valuable space where 4 people could stand - this was at 1am - yeah so
the bloke in charge was extremely painful but nothing could dampen our fun. Miranda Picton-Warlow and Michelle Cannane leap to mind as being very helpful and shall I whisper it as some feel it is a term of abuse...shhh ...sensible

Wollongong Friday 13th December @ Oxford Tavern with El Mopa
This show was very good fun - though I fear we are not to everyones taste in Wollongong but no one yelled abuse and a couple of locals got up and played tambourine so....

The Present

triple J live to air
As this newsletter goes out we are negotiating a time to do a live to air at the invitation of Radio Station triple J, check our site in coming weeks for details - this programme will stream live to air on the world wide web. Thanks Mr Robbie Buck.

Rock videos update
Well it's been a year of surprises for us, beginning at midnight on Friday the 3rd of January when our National Institution late night clip show Rage chose our You Name It video to be the first screened this year! [ followed by Silverchair ! ]. We gathered with f(r)iends and celebrated hard!

Again - we would very much like to thank Neil, Thomas and Molly doing such a beautiful job of putting it together

If you would like to view the clip just click here



Goblins update
A team of small Goblins spend twelve hours a day updating our website make em happy, take a peek

The band in a nutshell
Penny ~ loves Jazz and is a Miles Davis Lover - has a large dog called Tonic and her favourite cd at the moment is Miles 3 CD set "In a silent way"

Penny and Stephen vie for the title of the nicest Cannane. You could develop a theory that trumpet players are exceptionally nice but then I'm not sure Miles fell into that category

Bon ~ is one of those people who can fix things ( Rare as hens teeth ) and what's more one of those people who actually does fix things - He knows about plants and has a chicken called Ella. Current favourite CDs are Steven (Slabco) and Tucker B's Bish Bosh II:The Bosh Bosh

Jim ~ has been working very hard saving for Japan and now only eats one meal a day. But he has been known to fill in those missing calories with alcohol. Recently he claimed he had his own private dancer at the Town Hall Hotel - the place all Cannanes frequent on a too regular basis as it is open all night. We all think he was hallucinating. He has 2 cats and is currently listening to Bonnie Prince Billy and Yo La Tengo

Hairy aka Stephen ~ has been running round playing trumpet with a reggae band and with Daniel Morphetts new band El Duende who play at the Warren View on 26 May 2003
Hairy has a sore back and went to a doctor this week in Balmain who as he walked in the room said someone in your life is causing you a lot of grief.

Frances ~ is happy cause there's a new Ken Loach and Mike Leigh film out. She has a line up of cds waiting to be listened to when she gets a spare moment - favourite at the moment is Sounds of Boston a lengthy compilation of songs from Boston bands put together by Eric Johanson but she also is very keen to hear the Primal Scream CDs supplied generously by Kenji Sekioka, Rob Snarski 's newie which she basically stole off him at the Sando (umm sorry Rob) and best of the Saints and Richard Buckner CDs she bought about 4 weeks ago but hasn't opened. Hopeless.

The Future

More Rock videos !
Astrid Spielman and Thomas Ashelford are working on a clip for From Your Keyboard to your Door and over in Manhattan NYC, Mr Explosion Robinson is putting his magic touches to a video for It's Hopeless.

The Cannanes documentary!
Yet more footage has turned up and post production continues - if you have anything to add please let us know asap

Japan here we come ( we hope! )
We are going - we think in September and all of us...possibly 6 or 7 people-..........sound like a recipe for disaster??? You heard it here first...... We have borrowed a teach yourself Japanese tape from the Newtown Public Library and have good intentions

Lamingtone update


Next release on Lamingtone looks like being the It's hopeless ep. which we are planning will include the You Name it MPEG and a bunch of Explosion re-mixes etc...

Are we ever gonna see your face again?
We've had a few pleas such as this one asking us when we will be back in the USA we can only answer as soon as we can save enough money...2004??? I'm buying a lottery ticket..............
you guys down there partying like it's 1984, we here in frost and mud and smoke in the pacific northwest, cannaneless, economy in the outhouse and the smell of gunpowder in the air... you don't like us anymore, do you? i've heard no plans of a u.s. tour in what, two years? am i wrong? as "impeachment" is becoming a topic of discussion hereabouts perhaps i should impeach you as well, your sentence being to build a raft, use el nino to central america eating only dry toast and whatever plunder you may find on the high seas, hitch hike north and perform. don't even think of the double standard here, that maybe i should go there. i already told you about the economy. plus the night skies are devastatingly beautiful these days. what?

New Recordings
We were just on the point of finishing new recordings for the Dark Beloved Cloud Cd when disaster struck with computer failure. As there is only one person out of the 20 million inhabitants in Australia who knows anything about computers it is taking some time to get fixed. This is more than a little irritating

Role of honour, opportunity, it's not too late !
Yes if you take the time to vote for us on the triple J "it's a radio station" Net 50 we will be more than happy to add your name to our Role of Honour (to be added to the site any day now). If your finished here why not vote.

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