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The Cannanes

September 2003


! 2003 JAPAN TOUR !

Fri 19th
Sept 03
SHOWBOAT ~ Tokyo - Koenji / Japan ~
with Scout Niblett + Andersens + The Games + DJ Kenji Sekioka (Rover Records) [DOORS OPEN 18:30 Start 19:00 adv / 2,500YEN door / 2,800YEN]
tickets available at: Shibuya - some of us, Shinjuku - VINYL PT.2, Koenji - LINUS RECORDS, SHOWBOAT ] [CONFIRMED]
Sun 21st
Sept 03
CLUB DAUGHTER ~ Nagoya - Sakae / Japan ~
with Scout Niblett, Space Debri [DOORS OPEN 18:30 Start 19:00 adv / 2,000YEN (with 1 drink) door / 2,000YEN (+ drink order)
tickets available at: Osu-FILE-UNDER, Sakae - CLUB DAUGHTER [CONFIRMED]
Mon 22nd
Sept 03
BEARS ~ Osaka - Namba / Japan ~
with Scout Niblett, She Brings The Rainbow, momorien [DOORS OPEN 18:30 Start 19:00 adv / 2,000YEN door / 2,500YEN]
tickets available at: Namba - BEARS
Tues / Holiday! 23rd
Sept 03
EAST ~ Kyoto -Kiyamachi / Japan ~
<Sunday Tuning presents " SUNDAY FUN"> with Scout Niblett, N-16, Night Teller, UNKNOWN [DOORS OPEN 18:00 Start 18:30 adv / 2,000YEN door / 2,500YEN]
tickets available at: Kyoto - ART ROCK NO.1, Osaka - SYFT RECORDS
Sept 03
Shibuya / Tokyo ~ FM radio ~ possible live to air [date may change but around this time]
Fri 26th
Sept 03
20000VOLT ~ Tokyo -Koenji / Japan ~
<conti & groundcover presents 20000 light years>
+ groundcover, conti, Fluid, Space Kung Fu Man [DOORS OPEN 18:00 Start 18:30 adv / 2,000YEN door / 2,200YEN]
tickets available at: Shibuya-some of us, Shinjuku-VINYL PT.2, Koenji - LINUS RECORDS, 20000VOLT

On Friday 12th September we return to the Warren View Hotel : Enmore <where the bar staff are friendly and the drink flows freely!> we are going it alone for three lengthy sets or four short ones ! see gigs for details

New Friends Section
We have recently had letters from Jack Mannix who is 14, from Sydney and an aspiring rock photographer. We are hoping to make Jacks acquaintance in the near future and test out his skills. We are also looking forward to meeting Masako who wrote us this lovely letter

Hello, Mr and Ms CANNANES. My name is Masako. I am a Japanese girl. I'm 15 years old. I like listening to rock and roll music. My brother loves it too. I like NIRVANA, Patti Smith, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, RAMONES, Gram Parsons, The coral and so on. I didn't no your band before I found a handbill about your tour. I was really interested in CANNANES. At that time, I wanted to listening to your songs. Because I've never heard them!! So I decided to go to the live in "koenji". Because it's my hometown!! I'm really looking forward to see you !! And I'm waiting for the day coming. My English is not good, I think. I'm sorry. But I like to speak English very much!! Well, take care of yourself. Good Bye!!

Shows, Robot Dogs and Holograms
It's been a big year for shows for us so far since our last newsletter we have been to Brisbane twice, played The Great Northern in Byron Bay and a heap of shows around Sydney including Expo at The University of New South Wales last Saturday where we got to view the worlds largest hologram which was of a bar after people had left for the evening, so ashtrays, drinks etc. - spooky......and witness and participate in many other fine technical treats and experiments including robot dogs playing soccer.
On our return from Japan we hope to do a number of Australian East Coast shows before Xmas starting with the Back to Redfern celebrations on 18th October in Redfern Park with Christine Anu and Stiff Gins (Sydney) All ages and free !

Tell your friends ~ we'll be there next week and are counting the minutes

The Scout Niblett Story
Scout Niblett who will be with us throughout the tour is from Nottingham England and though we've never had the privilege we've heard her shows are a crowd pleaser. Apparently she sounds like PJ Harvey and wears a blonde wig. Intriguing. I bet she has absolutely no idea who we are but she soon will......In our limited experience people from Nottingham are fairly unusual
Other Japanese supports
Andersens : we've heard they sound a bit like Syd Barrett with Sun Ra ! ! !
groundcover : heard they are great noise punk
momorien : have been recommended
We are anticipating that this tour will be fully documented on film and in writing so all shall be revealed. I only wish we'd learnt more Japanese
The Cannanes & Guests!
The lineup for this tour will include Bon, Fran, Jim, Stephen and Penny + Guesting on the tour will be Chapter Music head honcho ~ Guy Blackman on guitar and keyboards and Clover Records head honcho ~ Shintaro Kiyonari on guitar, + another surprise guest or three.

The Cannanes documentary!

Well we have seen the first cut and what a great job the filmmakers have done.
Initial feedback is good so it may be ready for the 20th anniversary....When is that you cry! Well...just work it out yourselves.....Thanks to all who participated particularly Gail O'Hara who is really the star of the show.

If you live in Australia watch out for upcoming Hilton Cordell production on Kingsford Legal Centre where Fran and colleagues are being filmed at work for a 4 part documentary on the work of the Centre. Is there no end to this celebrity......?????????????

USA update? Friendly booking agents??
We are starting to get pangs of missing the USA. Oh to see our mates and have some Chicago Pizza and some Ethiopian food and suffer that familiar mixture of fear and excitement as we swing onto the entrance ramp to yet another freeway...oh to visit another home lived in by Abraham Lincoln...or go to yet another wondrous National skip around Manhattan...or get the bus in Brooklyn.. It is almost time for a return visit so if we wish very hard...maybe next year.......If anyone knows any booking agents who could get us shows we would really be interested

Websites update
As always lots of new things on our website, including some pretty swish new photos taken by Tony Mott ~ Australian (via England) Rock Photographer Legend, Fran now has her vanity page, a sort of scene report with current affair's and Cannanes happenings all rolled into one.

Comings and Goings
The Cannanes travel fund for going overseas currently stands at $0 as we have spent it all and are off on Wednesday

The Melbourne scene
Watch out for email interview with Greg Wadley ~ coming soon

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New photos by Tony Mott now up on our Press Kit Photos page