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The Cannanes

Dec 2003





You Haven't Lived Till you've been to the Taxi Club
Venue: Taxi ( aka The Grosvenor ) Club,
40-42 Flinders St, Darlinghurst Ph: 9311 4256 or 9380 5190,
Time: 9pm-late Saturday 13 December
The Cannanes + The Rebel Astronauts and special guests from Australia's most livable city Panel of Judges
Once in a Lifetime chance to see the Cannanes at the Taxi Club - previously only known to members of the band through bleary late night cocktails get there early to see Melbourne's finest Panel of Judges, Sydneys perfect artists The Rebels and the glorious Cannanes in artistic mode - then dance all night to indie disco The Shake in the crazy ambience THAT IS the Taxi Club.
You won't regret it ! You won't remember it!!


CD Cover Launch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Electro 2000 has a new cover. It's Gorgeous. As seen in Japan
First 20 payers get Cover AND CD!! free

~ "best 10 days of our lives" !


Just some of the characters you will meet in our Sept 2003 Japan tour diary !
Scout Niblett, Cocksy, Bon, P Vine, and more... who are these people ?

origami card

Beautiful Origami adorned card sent us by Masako after the tour

Each crane bears a band members name



Jim on his way home (well heading back to Tokyo) after 8 of "the best 10 days of his life" !




At last ! Cannanes fridge magnets now available !
FREE Just write to PO Box 219 Newtown Australia 2042 or accost us at shows

We've been playing heaps of shows lately ~ including :
little day out

Backstage pass from "little day out" fundraiser for Laurel Tree House Daycare Centre in Glebe (Sydney) one of the recent bunch of fundraisers we've played at ~ besides the Japan tour we've been playing a wide variety of late including numerous live to airs, university + community events ~ more extensive touring is currently being planned for next year



2004 is shaping up to be the Cannanes most productive ever as Stephen O'Neil is now under contract to produce 4 CDs in the year leading up to the most important anniversary in indie rock or pop or whatever it is called. A number of other writers, artists, performers are negotiating parts in the 20th spectacular as we speak and announcements are expected to be made mid 2004 as to final lineups for North American, Asia Pacific tours as well as local appearances

Frances has been approached by New York artist Matt Galloway to sing the part of Albertine in a rock opera based on Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past to be recorded at Steve Albinis studio in Chicago in July 2004. Having always been distinctly rude about rock operas in the past Gibson has done a surprising backflip and been immersing herself in volumes of Prousts work to get the feel of the character and has taken to draping herself in swathes of purple velvet and demanding to be called an artist at every possible moment

Monty Python paid hommage to Proust's novel in a sketch first broadcast on November 16th, 1972, called The All-England Summarize Proust Competition. The winner was the contestant who could best summarize A la recherche du temps perdu in fifteen seconds, "once in a swimsuit and once in evening dress."
Other more "academic" attempts have been made to summarize the novel in as few words as possible. Here are the winners (thus far):
Gérard Genette in Figures III: "Marcel devient écrivain" ["Marcel becomes a writer"] (3 words).
Vincent Descombes in Proust: philosophie du roman: "Marcel devient un grand écrivain" ["Marcel becomes a great writer"] (5 words).
Gérard Genette, again, in Palimpsestes: "Marcel finit par devenir écrivain" ["Marcel ends up becoming a writer"] (5 words).



Next release on Lamingtone looks like being the Ex Catheads "Our Frisco" CD

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