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JAN/FEB 2006



THIS is what it sounds like:.................


It's been too long for many of you but here we are ...don't worry...there is no escaping the long arm of the Cannanes which will reach out and grab you across the years and across the miles (as they say on cards).

it IS time for a newsletter as the mighty beast of the Cannanes roadshow is on the move. Slowly lumbering your way though it may take us the better part of a decade to get to a spot near you.... anyway as a start here are our 2006 confirmed dates thus far: full show details at our gigs page.

Jan 28th Saturday ~ The Old Bar in Fitzroy with crazy musos New Estate who will also be launching their fab new EP Rock Shop and high flyers Flywheel who will be launching their fab new EP Holiday it's damn cheap to get in so tell any mates you have in the area.
Jan 29th Sunday ~ The Noise Bar (aka The Railway Hotel) in Brunswick ~ this show will take place in the afternoon is free to get in! and is being filmed by National TV station SBS for later broadcast on their Saturday night show called Noise TV!

We are very excited to be returning to Japan for a six date tour this time we get to play with our good friends the Moools who we bonded with in Olympia Washington a few years years back, also The Tenniscoats who recently won a lot of new fans when they visited Australia in late 2005, Scottish legends the BMX Bandits who we have on good authority are ragers! and the most excellent Andersens who we had the honour of sharing a stage with on our last trip to Japan.

Feb 10 Friday - 18:30 open / 19:00 start
 TOKYO, Sangenjaya Grapefruit Moon ~ 2,000 yen + 1 drink order
w/ Andersens & Suppamicropamchopp & Meme

Feb 11 Saturday - 18:30 open / 19:00 start
 TOKYO, Koenji Penguin House ~ 2,000 yen + 1 drink order
w/ Saboten & Sekifu &  My Pal Foot Foot

Feb 14 Tuesday - 19:00 open / 19:30 start
 OSAKA, Shinsekai Bridge ~ adv 3,500 yen / door 3,800 both + 1 drink order
w/ BMX Bandits & Tenniscoats

Feb 16 Thursday - 19:00 open / 19:30 start
 KYOTO, Cafe Independants ~ adv 3,500 yen / door 3,800 both + 1 drink order
 Sunday Tuning presents "SUNDAY FUN"
w/ BMX Bandits & Tenniscoats & Kazumi Nikaidoh

Feb 17 Friday - 19:00 open / 19:30 start
 NAGOYA, KD Japon ~ adv 3,500 yen / door 3,800 both + 1 drink order
w/ BMX Bandits & Tenniscoats

Feb 18 Saturaday - 18:30open / 19:00start
 TOKYO, Shimokitazawa Shelter ~ adv 2,500 yen / door 2,800 : Ticket PIA & Lawson (L Code : 37109)
 Moools Presents "The 11th Moools Festival"
w/ Moools & Elekibass

Mar 11 Saturday MELBOURNE ~ Its a 33 and a third party but we are not sure where ~ keep your ear to the ground for details!
Mar or Apr (Sydney) also we may be playing Woolfest again in March and we are still negotiating the logistics for a return to Katoomba
Apr 14 Saturday ~ The Golden Vine Hotel ~ BENDIGO! (our first ever Regional Victoria show)

Gavin Butler has rejoined the band and promptly broken both wrists to make sure he doesn't have to go travelling overseas with us. Overkill we thought. I mean he really didn't have to go that far..... The following week Bon nearly broke his back (also in a pushbike accident) avoiding a pram he thought contained a baby. The following week, Stephen O'Neil in his usual copycat fashion promptly threw himself down some steps coming out of a club called Adrenalin and broke his arm but thanks to the skilled hands of Dr James , well known orthopaedic surgeon of Bendigo Hospital (now the proud possessor of a Cannanes CD), Stephen's application for sick leave for the Japan tour has been refused and he is coming along.

You can hear the happy woo woo woos of Cannanes trumpeter supreme Penny McBride across the Pacific as she gets into tootling mode and practices her karaoke. Frances is getting fit for touring picking up eucalyptus branches blown round the place from the mini tornado which swept through Bendigo on Friday and swimming in the daily 40 degree heat that is the new feature of rural Victoria in summer. Bon is singing with the kiddies and trying to remember which band he is playing with today ~ Hmm if this is tuesday it must be the Cannanes. James is basking in the success of Flywheels new single and learning all Gus' bass lines.

We are working with Pat Maley (Yoyo Recordings) to get Cannanes songs on iTunes. Lots of mutterings about Copyrighting, MP4s etc -

The 15th of February is the Cannanes 21st birthday and we will be in Osaka Or Kyoto. Drinks are on us for anyone in the vicinity. There will be more celebrations though as the year rolls on but as we all know the 30th is the big one when we finally reach maturity and get the keys to the city!

If you didn't get our last newsletter (sorry) we did a very nice live to air last June via the phone from Bendigo Australia to BSR88.1FM in Rode Island USA, this performance was archived by the station. We'd like to thank Nadav for asking us on + there's lots of great stuff in their online archive so we reccomend you have a listen

We have a new studio! after a series of technical difficulties that lead to a daunting backlog of half finished albums we have now set up our new studio which is working brilliantly ~ after Japan we hope to finish several (albums) before the end of the year ~ in the mean time you can check out some works in progress and rarities on our MP3 page at

Our film clip for the You Name It from the Trouble seemed so far away CD we did a little while back with Explosion Robinson is now available on the No Parachute DVD issued by Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records. The DVD also features such indie luminaries as Huon, New Estate, Boyracer, The Clientele, The Bright Lights, Architecture in Helsinki and Of Montreal. If you can play NTSC DVDs you can order a copy from HHBTMR.

dvd sleeve

The Grassy Flat EP has been sent off to the Dark Beloved Cloud Label Label who will be releasing it on the very modern and environmentally friendly 3" CD format.
The album This is What it Sounds Like should be out by mid year
The Proust rock opera with Saturnine and Fran singing the role of Albertine should be out this year........ If Stewart Anderson is really coming to Australia this year we will surely have to finish the 40 songs started with him 2 or is it umm...3 years ago this year.

But Gosh! Enough of us ...what about you? What have you been up to?? It takes us about 7 years on average to write back but drop us a line...

We've had a constant stream of people signing up for the newsletter in recent months and thank all who have gotten in touch, sorry for any delays in reply ~ we are currently updating our email system and hope to catch up with the backlog when we return from Japan.

This month the following people have been placed on the Cannanes Roll of Honour for their outstanding support: Brian Cachia NSW (Australia) Ouidir Benabderrahmane (France), Masako Enomoto (Japan), Miranda Picton-Warlow, Vic (Australia)




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