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APR/JUN 2008


cannanes ~ photo



Sat 19th April 2008 ~The Golden Vine Hotel ~ Bendigo,Victoria / Australia + A Million Bright Ambassadors of Morning + Lucinda Scott & James Earthenware

Sat 26th April 2008 ~ Brunswick Hotel ~ Melbourne, Victoria / Australia + The Zebras + Deadbeat Club

Sat 10th May 2008 ~ Pop Mayhem Festival ~ Gainesville, Florida U.S.A.

Thu 15th May 2008 ~ House Party ~ Durham, North Carolina U.S.A.

Fri 23rd May 2008 ~ World premiere screening of Short Poppy Syndrome: A Cannanes Documentary @ Light Bulb Festival ~ Newcastle, U.K.

Fri 6th June 2008 ~ CBGB ~ St Louis, Missouri U.S.A.

Sat 7th June 2008 ~ {tbc} Chicago, Illinois / U.S.A. with MOTO

Mon 9th June 2008 ~{tbc} Cincinnati, Ohio / U.S.A.

Wed 11th June 2008 Midway Café ~ Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts U.S.A. with The In Out and Painful dentistry

Sun 15th June 2008 ~ NYC Pop Fest ~ New York, New York / U.S.A.

Mon 16th June 2008 ~ The Galaxy Hut ~ Arlington, Virginia / U.S.A.

Fri 20 June 2008 ~ Garage ~ Monterrey, Nuevo León / Mexico } + Seekers who are lovers + Abeja

Sat 21 June 2008~ Centro Cultural España ~ Mexico City, Mexico State / Mexico + Seekers who are lovers

cannanes ~ flyer

So we are off on the Bendigo and beyond tour. .. off for 2 months to traverse the North Amerian continent and lurk around the eastern edges of the USA, then on to Mexico. We will be joined on our first show by the delightful Stewart Anderson and Jen Turrell and in NYC Matt Galloway


23 rd of May ~ Newcastle United Kingdom

The Cannanes' documentary Short Poppy Syndrome will finally have its world premiere at the Star + Shadow Cinema in an evening of Documentary + short films ~ see our gigs page for more details. Craig Wilson will be curating this exciting addition to the Cannanes oeuvre to be titled Dirty on the shovel A Cannanes retrospective on film see our gigs page for more details


Your Cassette Pet a 94 minute cassettte release (yes that's right cassette is back!) by 555 Recordings of Flagstaff, Arizona, containing 32 recently recorded tracks by 32 international bands/artists with accompianing booklet and badge, truly collectable! The Cannanes contribution to this one is a new song entitled America beautifully produced by Lance Hillier (as well as lead guitar contributions) and Cello contribution of Bridget Robertson, you can hear the song here but then go buy the tape here.

New limited edition split7" single (who said vinyl was dead!) also out on 555 Recordings of Flagstaff, Arizona. Boyracer Mytty Archer and the Cannanes. The Cannanes' effort consists of Frances and Stephen playing around with a pump organ, a tenor recorder and a classical guitar on a rare Cannanes cover of one of their favourite songs. You gotta laugh.

Grassy Flat mini-CD our first 3" CD ( talk about portable! ) release on the fab Dark Beloved Cloud label of Portland Oregan. Contains four songs recorded at home a while back, our first release to feature the wonderful trumpet work of current band member Penny McBride and possibly the only release to feature vocals by ex-bassist Jim Woff, you can score youself a copy more or less free by going to the DBC website and getting creative!

New split single with the Chicago Goblins is in the works. Release date uncertain as yet but our song is recorded with the help of the brilliant production skills of Lance Hillier and vocal skills of Bridget Robertson. The EP is to be called Smell My Flower.

Also don't forget the "Remembrance of Things Past" album that Frances sang on.


It's a concept album, based on French writer Marcel Proust's famed work of the same name (titled in French, "A la Recherche du Temps Perdu", and also translated as "In Search of Lost Time"), with Saturnine singer/guitarist Matt Gallaway playing Marcel's role of the narrator, and vocalist Frances Gibson as his lover, Albertine.


In addition to guitarist/vocalist Gallaway and Cannanes singer Gibson, these recordings feature the work of Saturnine members Mike Donofrio (of the New Year) on bass, guitarist John Pisani (of Cookie Galore), and drummer Jim Harwood. The entire eight-song, forty-five minute release is available for download at Internet Music Archive at:

or you can badger Frances to get you a real copy if you are one of those people who CARE. I mean there's a picture of her at Niagara Falls on the cover for Gods sake.


After serving us so well for so long, and due to an administrative error MADE BY AUSTRALIA POST ~ OUR! PO Box 219 has been given to someone else! (they won't give us their name) ~ you'd think after holding it for 20 years AUST POST would have the decency to give it back but unfortunately won't. WE ARE SO ANNOYED we won't be dealing with their boxes in the foreseable future, for any future correspondence/cheques/parcels etc. please email us and we'll let you know the best address to send things to. Sorry if anyone had anything returned from the old box.



Note: About a week after giving these answers Gavin Butler decided he didn't want to go on tour and was leaving the band (again). See his answer to Question 4 ~ The signs were all there!

1. Name 3 favourite songs/pieces of music

Gavin: Marquee Moon ~ Television, Hallogallo ~ Neu!, Anarchy in the UK ~ Sex Pistols

Penny: miles davis, swinging safari ~ bert kaempfert, south indian classical music

Frances: Crimson and Clover ~ Tommy James and The Shondells, Time Waits for No One ~ The Rolling Stones, On My Mind ~ Marine Girls, Second that emotion -Smokey Robinson

Stephen: Poor Old Soul ~ Orange Juice, I'm Stranded ~ The Saints, Festival of Frothy Muggament, Firmament and the Elements

2.Favourite flower?

Gavin :Self-raising

Penny: frangipani

Frances: Banksia and Frangipani


Gavin: Baron Manfred von Richthofen

Penny: louis armstrong, miles davis, stephen o'

Frances: Medecins Sans Frontiers, People who spend their lives making the world better, People who make me laugh

Stephen: Peter Cundall, Gough Whitlam, Pablo Picasso

4.Favourite places to visit:

Gavin: Bottle shop, Bathroom, Backyard

Penny: india. murramuramang national park, circular quay

Frances: Just about anywhere-Sydney, Japan, USA, South West Rocks, Regional Victoria, places where my friends are

5. 2 Bands you admire and why

Gavin: The Replacements: Self-destructive, brilliant, funny, moving. / Husker Du: Fast and furious; bold and beautiful

Penny: miles davis quintet-amazing interplay / tenniscoats-understatements, beautiful vocals

Frances: Stones cause they do not give up and are bloody good live, Any band that does not consider itself to be brilliant

6. 2 pieces of music/songs you dislike and why

Gavin: Yesterday ~ The Beatles: Horrible, turgid, plodding, enervating. (Also Let it Be and Hey Jude) Is Paul dead yet? / Advance Australia Fair : makes me want to puke.

Penny: whitney houston, vocals grate / songs without passion

Frances: Ob La Di Ob La Da-Beatles (nuff said) Imagine by John Lennon-too too sick making. / I do love the Qantas choir singing Still call Australia home.

7. What do you like best about the place where you live?

Gavin: It's got my stuff in it.

Penny: steamy summers, brilliant blue sky, sense of community

Frances: Its quiet and beautiful and the galahs and lorikeets and magpies are all in the garden and there's no traffic and I can walk everywhere and there are some funny people and people are not trying to be cool or fashionable.

Stephen: The wonderful people we've met since moving here four years ago without whome we probably would have moved elsewhere! (Of course we still miss our old mates in Sydney and the rest of the planet).






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